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of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

From the original records kept by the RLDS Church in Pottawattamie County, organized 2 June 1860 by Benjamin Leland, former LDS member.

For further information contact: Barbara Bernauer, Assistant Archivist of the Community of Christ Church.  

Records provided by Sue Simonich.

Folks in Mills Co. were only seven miles from Wheeler's Grove and some members went to church in Pott. Co. My 3rd Great grandfather was the branch president of Wheeler's Grove, but he lived at Indian Creek, Mills Co.  The two Newberry girls below were his grand daughters. - Sue Simonich

Wheeler's Grove Branch of the RLDS Church

Groom Bride Date Married By
Barrett, Marion Newberry, Emma Jane 30 May 1894 G. W. Brooks
Blanchard, William Winegar, Ida May 4 March 1896 Rev. Hill
Gorman, John Joseph Knapp, Mary V. 29 October 1871 Judge at Red Oak Town
Lewis, Robert B. Denton, Hannah J. 19 September 1893 Samuel C. Smith
McKenzie, Andrew C. Wood, Cady N. 28 December 1904 Leroy G. Wood
Reneau, Landon Newberry, Lillie May 2 December 1896 C.H. Porter
Smith, Samuel C. Peckenpaugh, Mary F. 5 January 1858 Levi Graybill
Wilkins, William C. Smith, Mabel G. 1 January 1900 Samuel C. Smith

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