Early Settlements

of Polk County

Early Settlement called Came to be known as....
Apple Grove Beaver Township
Wallace's Prairie Camp Township
Trullingers Grove Franklin
Fourmile Settlement East of Des Moines River
Mud Creek Beaver Township - Western part
Saylors Grove East of Des Moines River
Hopkins Grove East of Des Moines River, Northern part of county
Ayres Grove West of Des Moines River
Walnut Creek West of Des Moines River
McClains Settlements West of Des Moines River
Keokuk Prairie Allen Township
Linn Grove Now in Warren - was formerly Polk County
Adelphi Camp Township
Stewart Settlement Camp Township

Township Organizations

Date formed into this twp
February 2, 1847 Des Moines, Madison, Camp, and Skunk
January 4, 1848 Allen, Four Mile, and Saylor
June 16, 1859 Jackson - Vacated then restored to Madison
July 12, 1859 Madison Township
October 2, 1849 A portion of Saylor was attached to Des Moines Twp
January 9, 1850 Beaver twp was organized from parts of Skunk and Camp twps
October 9, 1850 Delaware
January 2, 1851 Jefferson
1851 Elkhart
March 6, 1856 Washington and Franklin
September 28, 1857 Lee
September 6, 1858 Douglas
September 21,1858 Portion of Camp twp was added to Four Mile twp
September 21, 1858 Portion of Four Mile was added to Lee twp
September 20, 1858 Bloomfield
January 7, 1860 Walnut twp was organized from portions of Jefferson and Des Moines
March 26, 1860 Above was reorganized with certain changes
October 1, 1860 A portion of this twp was added to Jefferson
March 26, 1860 Valley twp
September 7, 1870 Grant from a portion of Lee.
December 26, 1870 Saylor reorganized, Crocker and Lincoln were constituted of parts of Madison, Lee and the original Saylor twp
1870 Skunk, one of the original townships, was absorbed by Washington, Elkhart, and Franklin

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