Normal Institute


NORMAL INSTITUTE -  The teachers of the county remain in session and have entered earnestly into the work. Exercises were heard this morning in Elocution by Miss Bassett, Arithmetic by Mr. Smith, Theory and Practice by Mr. Thompson, History by Mr. Ozias.  Prof. Buck also gave a lecture. This afternoon recitations were conducted in Physiology by Mr. King, Grammar by Mr. Thompson, Geography by Mr. Smith and in Penmanship by Mr. Thompson. Since our last report the following additional teachers have enrolled themselves:

Ella Swift, Lida Ashenafter, Fannie Cassady, N.G. Phillips, Mrs. M. McCall, Emma Boganright, Ide Weaver, Mary Kriegh, Vera Reinking, Vana Warr, Alice Flynt, Wm. M. McHenry, Elizabeth Morris, A.H. Botkin, Anna Futz, Jennie Pearson, Sarah Kreigh, Ada McClelland, Arthur Davis, H.M. Waring, Maggie King, Emma Howell, Theresa Johnson, Emma Pring, Jennie Rertson, Mary Robertson, Lottie Estes, Effie Ogelvie, Emma Hall.

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