Carbondale School

Late 1800's to Early 1900

** Clara Peterson shown below was the daughter of John F. and Maria Catherine (Berglund) Petterson/Peterson.  Clara's parents were both immigrants from Sweden.  John F. Peterson worked as a coal miner in Oswalt, Iowa.  He died of typhoid in 1893.  Following John's death, the family moved to the Des Moines area.  Maria Berglund Peterson married Alfred Carlson in 1895.  The couple had one daughter together named Wilhelmina "Minnie" Carlson.  Around 1914/1915, this blended Peterson/Carlson family moved to a farm north of the town of Freeborn, Minnesota.  A daughter, Hannah Peterson, remained in Des Moines as she had married Henry Anderson.

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Carbondale School pix 1.jpg
This is the earliest Carbonale School photos of the three.  The little blonde girl in the back row standing in front of the door is Clara Peterson, daughter of John F. and Maria Catherine (Berglund) Petterson/Peterson.

Carbondale School pix 2.jpg
Clara Peterson is second from the left in the very back row.

Carbondale School pix 3 circa 1900.jpg
Clara Peterson is in the light colored dress, second from the left in the back row.  Notice the barefoot children, the little dog to the far right and the newspapers covering the window glass. Also, there is a child looking out of the doorway on the far left.  The back of this photo is labeled "Carbondale Iowa school around 1900.

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