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SurnameContactAdditional information- (Maiden names in bold)
Adkins Jeffrey Vaillant  
Alexander Denise Phillips Addison 1863-1963 wife Rose (Landers)1871-1903 ch: Frank, Frederick, Luther, Goldie
Anderson Marie Knight Charlie Anderson other surnames: Underwood, Ware, VanHorn
Appleby Kelly Shaw Christian & Virginia (Mitchellville?)
ApplebyCris NaglaSam Appleby
Armstrong Margaret Blanton  
AshEvan Ashgreat grandparents Eli (1817 – 1914) and Surrepta (Campbell) Ash who came to Ft. Des Moines in 1849 and remained until 1893 when they moved to Clinton Iowa; Eli was a carpenter and builder in Des Moines; they owned an 80-acre parcel that was just south of what became known as Chataquaqua (sp?) Park and touched the Des Moines River at the northeast corner. After their deaths they were buried at Woodland Cemetery in Des Moines
Atkinson Jeffrey Vaillant  
AulichJoAnn AulickLooking for descendants of Ernst Aulich and Amanda Buske, residents of
Grimes, Iowa (Polk County)
Aungst/Oungst Richard Aungst Found in Polk co. 1880 families in OH, VA & PA
Babb Jeannette Julia 1849-1884
Baker Minot Emerson 1828-1902 & Annette (Lashley) Baker 1839-1918.  P/ of Minot: Emerson & Dorcas Chloe Baker. All buried at Polk City Cemetery. 
BaleJo MandlBALE, Marquis A. and  his brother, Frank E.  Both were born in Indiana 
Additional Information:  found living in Polk Co. on the 1885 Census. 
Marquis Bale married Adelia Morgan in 1879 in Polk Co. 
Frank was married to Maggie (unknown) and they had a son, William, born around 1885.
Bankson Richard Marshall - new email
Edward Bankson, b.5/01/1873, d. 5/19/1943.
Anna L. Bankson nee Chrisinger, b.4/07/1882,d.12/14/1951
Barlow Becke Dawson 
Barlow Vern Barlow
related to Lewis Barlow of Four Mile Township. I have a lot of information on the Barlow's.
Barquist Steve Barquist Peter William Barquist, George L. Barquist & descendants
Barrick Jeannette H. Barrick 1835- aft. 1880, Anna 1872-1957
BasmanElaine BushMarried to Sam Rest
BeadleDawn Bentley 
BeattieChristineLooking for marriage/divorce records for my Grandparents Sidney Kirk Beattie and Dorothy Josephine Porter  - about 1940-1947.
Also would like to find marriage record for my Great Grandparents Robert Beattie and Isabella Kirk married March 2, 1909.
BennettCheri Bennett Gerrish Calvin & Hope/Hopy (Walnut Twp); Lincoln Presley Bennett; Winifield "Scott" Bennett
BennettDerryNeilMartinatyahoo.comBenjamin Bennett
Berhow Jimmie Berhow I am trying to find the final resting place of Ole Berhow and his wife Elsie. has him living Lincoln, Polk, Iowa in the 1880 US Federal census. Ole born 1801 Died 1881. Elsie born 1808 died 1878. These are the dates I have and believe to be correct.
BoganwrightReighSeeking info. on John Boganwright that married Kate Lowe 1878  Bloomfield twp Polk co. Iowa
 Cheri Bennett Gerrish Peter & Bridget; Francis Joseph Boudewyns b: 1/1865 d: 5/1944
Brewbaker/Brubaker Denise Phillips Peter b: 1800 PA wife Peltz Ch: Wm, Catherine, Elizabeth, Sarah, Susan, John, Peter, Matilda (Mary), Rebecca
Briggs Jeannette John 1903-1980
Brown Janet Nelson Net Anson Brown and wife Bessie Louise (White) Brown
Brunk Margaret Blanton  
Burch Cyndi Burch Edmund (Edmon)b: 1859  Children: Fred L b: 3/1883 Guy I b: 2/1885, Max C b: 7/1888, Claris E b: 11-1890, George R b: 3/1893
BuskeJoAnn AulickLooking for descendants of Ernst Aulich and Amanda Buske, residents of
Grimes, Iowa (Polk County)
Butler Diane Butler James L. m. Lola (Harrison )1909; Lola d: 1978; children: Harold, Genieve, Albert, Melvin & Margaret
Carleton Gary Foster Thaddeus; brother to Susan Humphrey.  1880 Washington twp; pg 590 B
Carson Andrea Thompson I have came across a personal family belonging that was passed down on fathers; mothers' side. A bible. This bible is extremely old and has the marriage record of  Milton M. Carson, and Margaret Ellen Stanley on Nov.18 1866 in the Polk County, Des. Moines Iowa signed by a John G. Weeks County Judge. From there I have Birth records of the following  Death of Milton on Jan, 23, 1898, Leon Stanley Carson Sept.20, 1867  
Sammuel Doty Carson July 10, 1872, Dick Orlando Carson Aug. 20, 1875   Death documented on Jan. 24 1877, James Ervon Carson May, 11, 1878  Death on Jan, 4, 1880, Bessie May Carson (Hackman married name) July, 31, 1880   ( which is my Great Great Grandmother who married henery Hackman, her daughter Evelyn Shannon, her daughter Bessie Geneva Shannon is my grandmother) after married became McClelland whos son Timothy R. McClelland is my father.
Francis Carson Sept. 17, 1883.  
Also have hand written records on the births of the following
Milton Francis Carson June 28, 1912 at 624 Hollaway St. San Fransico Ca., Alfred Samuel Carson (Hackmam) May.7, 1914 at 1:10 pm at 74 Nevada St. San Franisco,Ca.  I believe this bible is holding hand written records of Mrs. Margarget Carson  from her time of marriage recording her childrens records. I would love to donate this item if thought valuable to the Carson records
Cobb Dave & Sondra Kennedy Willard Cobb and wife Amy (Allen) Cobb; settled in Iowa 1846
Cope Jeffrey Vaillant Crystal
 Pamela Paris Richard Sharp Crystal  & 2nd wife Mary Ann (Mitchell )children married into: Shannon, McWilliams, & Kinnery families.  In Polk from 1847-1865
Cunningham Jeannette Effie Isabel 1815-1889
Dart Dave Kennedy William S. Dart m. Marietta (Cobb) Daughter: Eliza E. Dart b: 1844 m. Joseph Ankeney
Davis Kelly Shaw Charles P. (Camwells jr.) & Anna , Camwells & Sarah J.
Davis Karen William S. (1796-1875) and Nancy (ZUMWALT) - Children Joseph, Sarah, Milton, Malinda, William J., Mary, Nancy, John, Amanda, Eliza, Catherine, Cyrus
Dawson Becke Dawson Joseph & Mary, William - d: 1891, Jeremiah d: 1855, Jane
DeLong Jim Murrell William P Delong and his father was Amasa DeLong of Mitchellville, and his Father was William Murrell also of Mitchellville who was born In NY and Moved to Penn before making his way west. Amasa Married a Elizabeth Rooker of Mitchellville.
Dickey Jeannette James 1821-1902, William 1844-1932, Orval 1869-1937
Dotson Jentami Feldhaus Uriah Dotson 1848, family still in Iowa
Dudley Carol Dudley Dwinnell Butler Dudley & Martha (Hall) Dudley
DuncanFrances SheppardElizabeth Duncan b: 1806, New York (Nee: Rouck). Died 1873, Ca,
Husband, James Duncan, b: New York. Died Ind. or Iowa.
Dwiere Kelly Shaw Florence (Davis)
Edey Mary Hitchcock Hubert L. 1872-1955; m. Nellie (Hitchcock) 1907
ElliottJim Elliott -- Email no longer valid 9/2022Elliott ancestors found mostly in the White Oak cemetery
Evans Mae Coupar George and wife Mary; My 2nd great grandparents were Charles Jack (C.J.) Evans, 1828-1908 married to Lucinda Fleming born circa 1828-1865. Charles was b. KY, married IN, and I think he died in IA. Lucinda was b. IN, and d. Polk Co., IA. Their son, George Washington Evans 1858-1917 m. Mary Elizabeth Sheriff 1869-1741. They married, lived, and died in Polk Co., IA.
Fagen Marjorie Noga  
Fagen Jeannette Margaret 1839-1880
FaganKathy Scott LampiMy great great grandparents were Luke (born 1824 in Ireland) and Sarah Fagan who farmed in Linn twp, Warren county in the 1860's.   Sarah died in 1903 and Luke in 1919 and both buried in St. John's cemetery in Cumming, IA.   They had 12 children:  Mary (my great grandmother) who married James Curtis, John born 1853, Josephine b. 1854, Sarah E. born 1856; Elizabeth born 1857 who married Bernard Reiley;  Martha Agusta born 1859; Joseph Fagan born 1860 (wife Agnes); Katherine born 1862; Jane Augusta born 1864 who married ____ Lilly); Luke Fagan born 1867;James Fagan born 1868 (married Julia Couch); Ralph Francis born 1869 (married Blance McCleary). Before Luke died, he was living with his daughter Elizabeth (Fagan) Reilley in Des Moines.  
I'm just wondering if there are any cousins from the FAGAN side,  still living in the Des Moines area. 
Fees Debra Sison  
Fleischman Stella Lewis (Louis) : Author of National Megillah, School teacher on Court Street in 1889/90, on 1900 census - age 39, Children were:  Dr. Abraham G. Fleischman, Urologist, married Rose ?, Albert, Isidor, Samuel
Fouts Jentami Feldhaus Uriah Fouts 1845 m. Catherine (McMahan) he died in 1864 in Civil War. Catherine moved w/ family to Kansas in 1865
Frost Renee Lang Virginia Marie Frost b: Aug 1930
GallagherCris NaglaJohn Kinsey
Garn Kathy Henry Leonard Garn-d: 4/26/1864 at Andersonville- IA6thVol.Inf. married Mary (Leonard)Children: Leonard b: 1861-1924, John b: 1854-1937, Belle b: 1862
George Margaret Blanton  
Gethercole Jim Gathercole William.  Maybe be spelled: Gethercole, Gathercole, Gothercole.
Gifford Gary Foster Charles b: abt .1867; Son of Susan C. Humphrey
Gilbrech Gina Gilbrech Stephenson William (1860-1898) m. Mary (Anderson )d: 1931
Gilhousen John Mark Gilhousen All Gilhousen related lines, and particularly:  Lawrence
Gilhousen 1897-1986 & Della Luella (Hardin) 1899-1981, p/o Capt. 
William Richard Gilhousen 1920-1944 (as Japanese p.o.w.), Betty
Margaret Kathryn Gilhousen b. 1921.
Gjerdevig Don Gjerdevig The Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Slater, Iowa published a very brief history of their congregation.  The Bethlehem congregation was organized on January 12, 1878.  The town of Slater did not appear until 1887.  Shortly after the congregation formed, they decided to build a jointly-owned church in Sheldahl, Iowa with the Lincoln congregation from the Polk City area.  Then about ten years later, in 1888, the church was moved to Slater.  During that ten year period that the church was in Sheldahl, did they have a cemetery in Sheldahl to serve the needs of the two congregations?  I would imagine that they did.  Would this be the cemetery which is currently called the Sheldahl cemetery?  If not, where is the cemetery that they used?My great-grandmother, Åsa Gjerdevig, must have died sometime between about August 1880 and the spring of 1885.  Her first name, Åsa, had many different spellings since the English didn't have the three extra Norwegian characters in their alphabet.  Also, the English didn't know how to pronounce Norwegian words or how to spell them!  Therefore, Åsa ended up with many different first names like -- Oce, Elsie, Aasa, Oci, etc.  And while her maiden name was (Vake) that ended up being Walker.  And even her last name, Gjerdevig, was probably misspelled many times.  But our family has never been able to learn when she died, how she died, or where she was buried.  If we could find the cemetery that she was buried in, perhaps we could learn the date of her death. 
Graham Ray Peterson James B. & wife Mathilda Catarina Matilda (Tillie) (Ohlson) Graham. 1930's Polk Co.
Grover Robert D. Grover Henry L. Grover: Des Moines 1869-1902. married Keziah (Halderman) 2/20/1869
Gulick Beth Perona Taylor b: OH d: 1874 and his father, John Gulick
GutshallCris NaglaSusan Gutshall
HahnenNancy McCormickJacob or Caroline (Zelle) and children;
Des Moines 1860 to 1960's
Hale Robert K. Hale - Has lost contact with relatives Robert Kenneth Hale b:1931 d: April 16, 1964 and C. May Hale b: unknown d: November 12, 1991
Hall Mary Hitchcock Isaac J. Hall 1832-1900 m. Lydia (Cunnington) 1842-1902; C/ Lucy, Anna, Henry S., Mariah, Joe A., Lena, Grace, Mabel, G. Grank, Lydia, James.
Hanifen Steve Barquist John Hanifen and descendants
Hanlon Enver Mullin Kinsey  
Hansher Brenda Davis - email no good 10/14/16H. E. Hansher b: Ill. w/ Alice w. b: IA
HarbertCris NaglaWilliam Harbert
Harding Becke Dawson  
Hargis HarpelJeffrey Vaillant  
Harmon Debra Sison  
Harrison Carlene Lake Rev. Alanson Harrison (AKA Alumson, Lancing, Lanson,) and wife Elizabeth Martha "Betsy" Harrison. His father is Hudson Harrison (AKA Hutson) Known children are:Westly Thomas, Rachel Mary, Abagail, Hudson (Hutson), Jane, Matilda, Johnathan and John.
Found in:  United States Bureau of the Census. Population Schedules of the 1860 Census of the United States, Bloomfield Township, Polk Co., Iowa, p.111, Des Moines Post Office, dwelling 870, family 805; 
John K. Harrison is living with Hudson Harrison in the 1870 US Federal Census of Altoona Post Office, Allen Township, Polk County,  Iowa.
John K & Hudson are missing in 1880 census. 
Hartman (Hartnack) Jack Benger 1865-1929
Hebbel Jack Benger 1865-1900
HickRichardsonHick,Edward - born in 1884,Clay township Polk Co. (or Four Mile) parents Walter and Mary E. Hick. Married Martha Yant- 3 sons,Martha died in 1909 after last son Ralph was born. No idea after 1920 what happened to Edward /according to diary of my mother, he died Jan 1,1944. Do not know where or if he married again. Boys were raised by relatives. May have gone by the name of John Edward or Edd Hick?
Hill Janetta Clemons Frank C. and Grace Hill 1920 managed the Iowa Hotel, Son Frank F., Also Rufus and Eliza Hill (Franks’ parents.)
Hitchcock Mary Hitchcock John F. 1842-1918: married in Polk co. 2/1871 to Mary J. (Swope)
Hoare Linda Backus Towers Additional family names: BOYD, PLUMLY, MCCLURG, GRAY
Hobbs Sabrina Pickersgill William T., William Jessie & Joseph Henry Hobbs
Hobbs Debra Sison  
HodgesCindy FugateJohn Michael & Nora (Hodges) McCaffrey 1902-1922
Holland Mickey Vande Kamp 1870- abt. 1915 Elkhart Twp.
Holley Margaret Blanton  
Hood Sheri I am searching for history in the family prior to and including Robert Hood in Polk county died in Jan 1976, he was married to Alberta (maiden name Martin) but I don't know the year or in what county they were born.  Robert Hood is my Grandfather
HorningMEMORY52John Ellsworth and Catherine HORNING
House Charles House Alexander House m. Senaretta (Pettingill) in 1900
Humphrey Gary Foster John J. , Susan C -wife & family in Washington twp in 1880, pg 590B
Hunt Linda Backus Towers James L. Hunt b: SC
Hunt Utah Mick Elizabeth Ellen (Hunt) m. Patrick Mark Donahoe July 1, 1886
Huston Cris NaglaLaura C. M. Huston
JamesBettye WingateFrom 1870 census Elisha. 31, Drucilla, 31, Francis M 10, Eva 6 , Emma 4, Polly 64
JenkinsMark Looking for information on a John T Jenkins (Penniston) born 2/13/1899 in Des Moines. Was adopted by Hobart & Jennette Jenkins. Married to a Philomena and had two children together, Loretta and Francis (john).
JohnsonSherry HatfieldLEE DELBERT MONTGOMERY b abt 1878 in Nebraska ( grew up in Monroe Co.IA), married  MARY or MARIE H. JOHNSON abt 1896-7. I find them in 1900 US census living in Lee twp., Polk Co. IA, and in 1905 Iowa State Census living in Des Moines Ward 7, Polk Co. Iowa. LEE DELBERT MONTGOMERY died Oct 1905 while traveling on a train in Kansas, and MARY/ MARIE H. JOHNSON died Feb 1906 in Des Moines, Polk Co. Iowa.. They are both buried in Monroe Co. Iowa in Oakview Cemetery.
JohnsonThelma CagleJohnson, Lewis, 1848-1885 and wife Anna(Austin/Austien) Johnson 1854-1883. Children, Lavina, Henry, Jesse and Carl. Lived in Rising Sun, Four Mile, Sheldahl, Lincoln Twp
JohnsonJanice HeadworthI am connected to the following families in Runnells,
Polk ,Iowa.  Madison County Surnames are
Johnson, Earlywine, Winterrowd, Clark.
My ggrandparents were Ellis Johnson and Vinary
Winterrowd. gggrrandparents John Charles Fremont
Johnson and Nancy Earlywine. I am looking for more
family connections. and have info to share.
Ellis Johnson b. 1880 Vinary b. 1882 family
connected to the Joel Clark Family in Madison thru
Juon Pat J. Additional information: Juon genealogy includes Rimathe, Moorman, Jaegar, Wagoner, Alleman, Meeks, Heim, Metzger, Lehman Juon Genealogy page is found at
Karcesski/Kaschefsky/ Karczewski Donna Jean Glasgow families immigrated from Prussia 1881-1885
Keller Zoe Nawrocik Barbara Ellen Keller
Kephart Jeannette Alfred 1851- abt. 1913
Knight Marjorie Noga  
KoehlNancy KriedemanGeorge Koehl.   Wife: Sarah (nee Galloway/Galway).   Married: 2 April 1873.  Children: Lovia , Leonard, Eldie, Rowena, Harry, Minnie.  Moved to Des Moines @1879 from Walworth Co., WI
KufnerMary LeeJohn George Kufner and his wife Alvina.  They had six children-Lucy, Fred, George, Elizabeth, Helene, and Irene.  They were in Polk County in 1920

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