Sweet Adelines

Kevin Kelly writes:

My family lived in Des Moines when I was young. In going through things following my mother’s death last month, I found a nice photo from her days with Sweet Adelines. Mom loved singing with them and the photo is of a group that traveled to Canada, possibly for a competition. It was taken in Winnipeg, Canada, probably in the mid 1950’s.

There are thirty women in the photograph, and my mother wrote all their names on the back! Also in the photo is Jerry Pike, who I presume was the group's director. I scanned the photo and legend and am looking for ways to get copies of the photo to the families of the women - it would make a nice keepsake for them.

Sweet Adelines

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Names transcription
Garnet Schliervert Emmy Mac Neugleton Judy Cole Jerry Pike
Alice Holt Faith Morris Betty Binnin
Gretchen Wigton Mae Skinner Betty Keil
Katie Scott Fran Kurtz Shirley Adams
Aldera Rowland Phylis Joy Moe Hogg
Karen Schafto Vi Young Darlene Lee
Billie Willis Helen Cooper Mary Stublsotz
Rosemary Cornish Doroty Yates Katie Kelly
Tressa Tiara Edna Wickersham Helen Jewell
Donna Struyk?

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