Woodland Cemetery

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Woodland Cemetery Entrace, Des Moines,Iowa

Entrance to Woodland Cemetery, Des Moines,Iowa. Used divided back postcard. Postmarked Sep. 20, 1909 at Des Moines, Iowa and addressed to Mr. Chas. Mills, Winterset, Iowa. Handwritten message is very hard to read. Message begins: "All O.K. Haven't an ??ing all day ?? - John and E?? Nel(?) ok. first thing this morn have s?? it all of us ?? ??? ?rick six-thirty this eve we are going to the fire ??? ??? soon 8 Oct Wish you all were here don't you? Wish you could find someone to take your ?? by by LM"

Woodland Cemetery Entrace, Des Moines,Iowa Card Back

Contributed by Cheryl SIebrass, November, 2021.

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