Iowa State Register

Sunday, December 13 1885 - Morning Edition

A marriage license was issued yesterday to Mr. Soern Peterson and Miss Mary Christiensen.

‘Squire McMartin joined in the holy bonds of matrimony, yesterday, Mr. Soeren Peterson and Miss Mary Christensen, both of Des Moines

J. W. Genezer has been appointed administrator of the estate of Joseph R. Garretson, deceased. C. A. Dudley was appointed guardian of Albert C. and Earnest E. Hollingsworth.

Messrs. Peter Hendrickson and M. C. Nernes, both natives of Norway, took out their first naturalization papers yesterday, and James Hethershord, native of England, took out his second papers.

Albert Yoders, a young man living at Winterset, came to this city Friday on search for his father, who, he fears, may have met with some mishap. Mr. James Yoders was formerly marshal of Winterset, is an old soldier, and came to Des Moines last Friday, a week, to draw his pension, stating that he would return on the following day. Since his departure nothing has been heard of him at his home. He is about 49 years of age, round-shouldered, 6 feet 1 inch tall, weighs about 150 pounds, black whiskers and mustache. If any old soldier has any knowledge of his whereabouts he can reach Albert Yoders through this office.

Barney McDonald was arrested and locked up for safe keeping yesterday in the city cells, his actons seeming to indicate that he has become insane. He has a wife, said to be an estimable, hard-working woman, and three children. He has been working all summer for Mr. Drennan, the brick contractor, and is spoken of as a quiet, industrious man. The wife runs a boarding house between Fourth and Fifth, on East Walnut, and the shock has overcome her quite. Friends of the husband visited him at headquarters during yesterday, and he conversed fluently and rationally with them. An examination will be made in his case by the Commissioners of Lunacy on Monday morning.

Sabin House arrivals: W. J. Summerville, Odebolt, Iowa; Edward Mathes, Odebolt, Iowa; M. E. Sprague and wife, Grinnell; J. S. McCaughan, Winterset; Wm. Blythe and daughter, Moingona; R. V. Boody, Eldora; H. V. Smith, Paten; J. M. Norton, Chicago, Ill.; Miss Anna Denchee, Wheeling, W. Va.

Mrs. Col. T. H. Stanton has stopped off for two days to visit her sister, Mrs. Dr. Twining, 1231 Center Street. Col. Stanton was formerly editor of the Washington County, Iowa, Press. At the beginning of the war he enlisted and was soon promoted to the rank of colonel and appointed paymaster. He is now Chief Paymaster of the Department of the Platte and stationed at Salt Lake City.

Died. – Mrs. Dameris Thompson, of East Ninth and Walker, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. William Scholes, of Capital Park, on last Thursday evening at 8:15 o’clock. The funeral services will be held at 2 o’clock this afternoon, at the Church of the Good Shepherd.

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