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Chapter #110 Antioch - Des Moines, Polk Co.
Dispensation to organize granted 10/20/1886; Charter granted 10/5/1887
No. of members yr. ending Oct. 1890: 62

NAME                          MISC NOTES/ SEE KEY
Akers, J.W.                   m-90
Aylesworth, C.M.              Se-90
Ayres, L.E.                   m-90
Baker, S.W.                   Ex,RSMD-90
Binkley, C.S.                 m-90
Booth, S.K.                   m-90
Chase, R.L.                   T-90
Cochran, H.W.                 m-90
Cohen, Abe                    GMFV-90
Cohen, M.J.                   RSMD-90
Coleman, R.M.J.               S-90
Conrad, W.F.                  m-90
Crowley, J.A.                 m-90
Cunningham, Howard            Sc-90
Curran, L.H.                  m-90
Davis, J.B.                   m-90
Detwiler, J.W.                m-90
Eggleston, Frank              RSMD,GMTV-90
Fairall, E.J.                 m-90
Fulmer, J.T.D.                Ex-90
Gillette, Ben T.              m-90
Green, Willis                 m-90
Guthrie, A.W.                 m-90
Hammer, A.G.                  RSMD-90
Hammer, H.S.                  m-90
Hammer, I.A.                  m-90
Hill, J.W.                    Ex,RSMD-90
Hull, J.A.T.                  RSMD-90
Johnson, J.A.                 RSMD-90
Kidder, Frank                 Ad-90
Knox, N.S.                    m-90
Krull, L.G.                   m-90
Labour, L.J.                  RAC-90
Loper, J.C.                   m-90
Ludington, W.W.               m-90
Marquis, Court                m-90
McDaniels, J.T.               m-90
McGarrough, J.D.              m-90
Muggie, J.H.                  m-90
Neidig, Sam                   K-90
Nicholas, W.H.                m-90
Olson, M.J.                   Di-90
Pardee, Smith                 Ex,RSMD-90
Priestley, J.T.               m-90
Priestley, M.B.               RSMD,CH-90
Sandholm, J.A.                m-90
Scott, J.T.                   RSMD-90
Selby, E.D.                   m-90
Shaver, W.T.                  m-90
Smart, S.A.                   m-90
Smith, N.W.                   m-90
Snyder, J.H.                  PS-90
Stephenson, A.C.              m-90
Stubbs, F.L.                  m-90
Teachout, H.E.                RSMD-90
Tham, Nels                    m-90
Thompson, A.O.                m-90
Wallgren, S.O.                GMSV-90
Weaver, M.L.                  m-90
West, J.T.                    m-90
Whallon, W.H.                 Di-90
Whittaker, Joseph             m-90
Williamson, J.L.              m-90
Willis, John                  Ad,RSMD-90

1. "Transactions of the Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa, for the
   Years 1878 to 1882, Inclusive", Vol. IV, Original Edition; Muscatine,
   Iowa - published by order of the Grand Chapter, 1883.

2. "Transactions of the Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa, at its
   Thirty-Seventh Grand Annual Convocation", Convened at Cedar Rapids,
   Thursday October 9th, A.D. 1890,  Original Edition; Des Moines -
   published by order of the Grand Chapter, 1890.

copyright 2003 Sharyl Ferrall, July 1, 2003