1895 Iowa State Census, Polk County, Des Moines
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Dwelling/Family # Name Age Race Sex Marital Status Birthplace Profession Religious Belief
 Maud Houghton19WFSIa. None
 Marvin Houghton17WMSIa. None
222-222Courtland Egbert60WMMInd.RetiredChrist.
 Ellen Egbert48WFMNYKeeps House 
 Rella Egbert19WFSIa.  
 Mortie Egbert15WMSIa.  
223-223Alonzo C. Parker42WMMInd.LawyerNone
 Mary R. Parker39WFMNY Cong.
 Frances Johnson29WFSNYStenographer (?)Epis.
224-224Wm. Shockley49WMMIa.House Buildr (?)Meth.
 Lucy Shockley46WFMIll.Keeps HouseMeth.
 Randa Shockley14WFSIa. Meth.
 Brooksania Hartman73WFWNY Meth.
225-225James W. Hollister44WMMOhioCoal (?) DealerMeth.
 Josephine Hollister39WFSMary.Keeps HouseMeth.
 Grace Hollister9WFSIa. None
 Bertha Hollister6WFSIa. None
 Eliza Hollister72WFWOhioUnreadableMeth.
226-226Frank M. Taylor36WMMIa.Deacon (?)Christ.
 Dora Taylor31WFMMo.Keeps HouseNone
 Frank Taylor13WMSIa. None
 Pearl Taylor11WFSIa. None
227-227Leverich Cady65WMMNYFarmingNone
 Helen Cady57WMMOhioKeeps HouseNone

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