Polk County Poor Farm & Insane Asylum

1880 Census - Saylor Township

KEY: (1.) Street, (2.) House No. columns are blank (not applicable to a farm). (3.) Dwelling No. and (4.) Family No. columns are 31 and 31 in the original (not included below). John McLean, Poor Farm Farmer, Steward and wife Mary, Matron, are listed with their family on lines 22-27: daughter Elizabeth, sons Arthur and Harry G., and daughter Ada. Columns 12,13, 14,16,17, 20 and 21 were completely blank for all Poor Farm individuals and are not included below.

(4.) Name (5.) Race (6.) Sex (7.) Age (8.) Relationship (9.) Single (10.) Married (11.) Widowed/Divorced (12.) Married w/in Year (13.) Occupation (14.) Mos. Unemployed (15.) Sick (16.) Blind (17.) Deaf & Dumb (18.) Idiotic (19.) Insane (20.) Disabled (21.) Attended School (22.) Can't Read (23.) Can't Write (24.) Birthplace (25.) Father of Foreign Birth (26.) Mother of Foreign Birth

Polk County Poor Farm

Saylor Township, pg. 3 Lines 20-50 and pg. 4, Lines 1-16

John McLean, Steward

NOTE: Col. 9/10/11 - S=Single; M=Married; W/D=Widowed/Divorced

29Hamilton, PotterWM90PauperW/D    IrelandIrelandIreland
30Line entry crossed out
31Johnson, WilliamWM85PauperW/D    IrelandIrelandIreland
32Weese, JesseWM30Pauper;S |  IowaDont Know
33Carr, StephenWM28PauperSEpilepsy|  MassIrelandIreland
34Farrell, EdwardWM70PauperW/D    IrelandIrelandIreland
35Bennett, LeanderWM67PauperM    MarylandMarylandMaryland
36Sokol, LouisWM45PauperS    AustriaAustriaAustria
37Smith, EdwardWM57PauperMCholera?   N.Y.N.Y.N.Y.
38Polly, RebeccaWF85PauperW/D |  KyPaPa
39McCormack, IdaWF70PauperW/D    Dont Know
40Reeves, MaryWF50PauperS    IrelandIrelandIreland
41Irby, NancyWF46PauperW/D |  OhioOhioVA
42Smith, PolinaWF29PauperW/D    IllinoisDont Know
43Kegan?, MaryWF 61PauperS    IrelandIrelandIreland
44Caughlin, MikeWM8PauperS |  IowaIrelandIreland
45Stockwell, SarahWF30PauperS |||Ind.Dont Know
46Day, MariaWF32PauperS |  CanadaCanadaCanada
47Schneider, Geo W.WM27PauperS |  IowaDont Know
48Evans, MariaWF45PauperS |  Ohio OhioOhio
49Line entry crossed out
50Wolfe, CharlotteWF76PauperM    EnglandEnglandEngland
Page 4
1At County Poor Farm
2Wolfe, JohnWM67PauperM    N.Y.N.Y.N.Y.
3Brein, MargaretWF65PauperW/D    IrelandIrelandIreland
4Cooper, HenriettaWF33PauperW/D    Launburg?Launburg?Launburg?
5Cooper, AmeliaWF5PauperS    Ill.Launburg?Launburg?
6Cahill, OwenWM56PauperW/D    IrelandIrelandIreland
7Putt?, AnnaW F 3PauperS    IowaDon’t Know
8Vanevey, John N.WM54PauperW/D    OhioN.J.N.J.
9Witchey, Wm.WM40PauperS    Rommers HeineR. HeineR. Heine
10McCabe, TomWM 60PauperS  ||IrelandIrelandIreland
11Line entry crossed out
12Edmundson, NetteWF40PauperM    Don’t Know
13Edmundson, ArthurWM2PauperS    Don’t Know
14Jordan, AnthonyWM40PauperSBroken Leg   IrelandIrelandIreland
15Breedlove, LafeWM10PauperS    Iowa  
16McCracken, JohnWM35PauperSBroken Leg   IrelandIrelandIreland

Iowa Insane Asylum, Polk County, Iowa

John McLean, Steward
Joseph McLean, Asst. Steward
Lida Richards, Asst. Matron
Mary Bartroff, Servant; James Stippeck and Otis Berhow, Laborers

19Mackly, FredericaWF45 W/D |  Don’t Know
20Sampson, LetitiaWF28 S |  IndDon’t Know
21Cartright, RebeccaWF35 W/D |  Indiana  
22Line entry crossed out
23Bedford, AngieWF50 M    Ill.OhioOhio
24Cains?, AnnaWF40 S |||Don’t Know
25Knoblet, AnnaWF45 W/D |  EnglandEnglandEngland
26Washburn, AnnaWF60 W/D |  OhioDon’tKnow
27Ruff, CatherineWF50 M |  Don’t Know
28Dunkel, MaryWF54 M |  PaPaPa
29Patton, EllenWF37 M |  IrelandIrelandIreland
30Line entry crossed out
31Lyce, JemimaBF35 S |  LouisianaLouisianaLouisiana
32Caghlin, Mary WF30 M |  IrelandIrelandIreland
33Wilson, NancyWF25 M |  IowaDon’t Know
34Gooden, DanielWM22 S |  IowaDoDo
35Hiers?, WilliamWM44 M |  GermanyDon’t Know
36Line entry crossed out
37Johnson, CharlesWM 40 S |  SwedenSwedenSweden
38McCoy, C. J.WM38 S |  VaVa.Va.
39Clippore?, MikeWM40 W/D |  IrelandIrelandIreland
40Allan, Charles M.WM35 S |  Pa.Pa.Pa.
Line Entries for Ass't Steward & Staff Members
46Line entry crossed out
47Thode, CatharineWF55 S(Col 13)
|  Don’t Know

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