Polk County Poor House

(1.) Dwelling No. and (2.) Family No. columns are all 163 and 169 in the original, but are not included below. Columns 8, 9 and 14-17 were completely blank for individuals and are also not included below.

(3.) Name (4.) Age (5.) Sex (6.) Race (7.) Occupation (8.) Value of Real Estate (9.) Value of Personal Estate (10.) Birthplace (11.) Father of Foreign Birth (12.) Mother of Foreign Birth (13.) Birth Month if Within the Year (14.) Marriage Month if Within the Year (15.)Attended School (16.)Cannot Read (17.) Cannot Write (18.) Deaf, Dumb, Blind, Insane, Idiotic (19.) Male Citizen Over 21 (20.) Male Citizen Denied Voting

Saylor Township, Page 24, enumerated July 23, 1870 by Henry Hall. Line # is the original census page line number.

Line #
12Potter, H82MWInmateIreland||   
13Binly, F73MWInmateConn.    |
14Polly, Rebecca73FWInmateKy   Idiotic 
15Carr, Stephen19MWInmateMass     
16Day, Martha38FWInmateNY     
17Day, Perlina19FWInmateIlls.     
18Day, Perley5/12FWInmateIowa  Jan.  
19Wease, Jesse35MWInmateInd.   Idiotic|
20Reeves, May45FWInmateMo.     
21Scully, Worth39MWInmateIreland|| Idiotic 
22Chamberlin, S.65MWInmateOhio    |
23OBrien, Pat52MWInmateIreland||   
24Higgins, Jos24MWInmateDC    |
25Williams?, F33FWInmateInd     
26Williams?, Lapromes?*7MWInmateIowa     
27Hanley, Thos.57MWInmateIreland||   
28Sherman, Thos11MWInmate Iowa     
29Sherman, Frank10MWInmateIowa     
30Sherman, Webster7MWInmateIowa     
31Mornehale, B **17MWInmateMo.     
32Starey, John23MWInmateWis    |
33Robertson, Ed65MWInmateNC    |
34Robertson, Dick11MWInmateNC     
35House, W20MWWorks the farmOhio     
36Perry, Dan27MWWorks the farmIowa    |

* Handwriting very hard to read; could also be Dapromes? Or?

** Handwriting very hard to read; could also be Mornehole? Moorehole? Murchole?

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