1870 Mortality Schedule

Persons who died during the year ending 1st June, 1870


1.-No. of Family as given in 2nd column of Schedule 1 2.- Persons name 3.- Age at last birthday 4.- Sex 5.-Color 6.-Married or Widowed; 7.- Place of Birth 8.- Father of Foreign Birth? 9.- Mother of Foreign Birth? 10.- Month the person died 11.- Profession 12.- Disease or cause of Death

Allen Twp.

Line #
12Martin, Matilda11/12FW Iowa  Aug. Croup
24Sheper, Nellie M.8FW Iowa  Aug. Cholera infantum
315Spencer, David21MW Iowa  Aug.FarmerConsumption
433Herington, Dan.1MW Iowa  April Whooping Cough
538Davis, Dan.2MW Iowa  Aug. Cholera infantum
6 Rice, Sarah44FWMPa.  Dec.Keeping housePuerperal Fever
774Gaddis, Mary C.6FW Iowa  Aug. Eriaspelus
8108Long, Alphred24MWMInd  JulyFarmerTyphoid fever

End Page 1, enumerated by L? Cush.

Beaver Twp.

Line #
1 Carr, Rhoda23FW Ind  MarchStudent?Suffulitus
2 Chambers, Scealy11MW Mich  Dec Fever
3 Hempstrak, Thos.19MW Wis  AprilClerkFever
4 Smith, Chas.3MW Iowa  Feb Croup
5 Hamilton, Mary---FW Iowa  March Whooping Couch
6 Rothrock, Saml.76MWMPenn  May Hydrothorax
7 Varnell, Annie5FW Iowa  Jan Pneumonia
8 Armatia, Louis B11/12MW Iowa  July Measles
9 Wheeler, George50MW Iowa  AugFarmerStruck by Lightening
10 Stemburg, Lambert69MWMIowa  DecFarmerAstma
11 Griffiths, Albert1MW Iowa  Sept Dysentery
12 May, Ida?FW Illinois  Sept Scrofula

End Page 2, enumerated by L???, Cass.

Bloomfield Twp.

Line #
1 Smith, Carrie10/12FW Iowa  Oct. Cholera Infantum
2 Resler, Dan5/12MW Iowa  Apr. Cholera Infantum
3 Shaw, Wilson65MW N. Carolina `OctMasonInflammation of Bowels
4 Mitchel, Hugh49M W OhioX OctFarmerLiver Condition
5 Vanhyng, W.2/12MW Iowa  June Congestion of Brain

End Page 3, enumerated by L???, Cush.

Camp Twp.

Line #
1 Hatche, Jas.27MWMIndiana  JuneFarmerApoplectic Fitts
2 Erelywine, Wm.25MW Ohio  Aug.FarmerDrowned Accidental
3 West, Jn.51MW Ohio  Aug. FarmerConsumption
4 Suart, Jno.25MW Illinois XJuneFarmerConsumption
5 Sibne, Chas9/12MW Iowa  Aug Whooping cough
6 Osburne, Elizabeth38FW Indiana  JuneKeeping hseConsumption
7 Ash, Mary E.15FW Iowa  April Drowned Accidental

End Page 4, enumerated by L???, Cush.

Delaware Twp.

Line #
145Harden, Eliza49FWMIndiana  Oct. 16Keeping HseAppoplexy
277Fullman, William49MWSPenn  April 2 Accidental gun shot
3100Babbitt, Emma18FWSNew York  Sept 24 Remitant Fever

End Page 7, enumerated by Henry Hall.

Douglas Twp.

Line #
126Willson, Sarah20FWMOhio  March 9Keeping HseInflamation of Stomach
227Evans, Nancy E.9FWSIowa  Aug 20 Inflamation of Stomach
344Earl, Charles9/12MWSIowa  Aug 14 Cholera
453Done, Correla1FWSIowa  April  4 Consumption
556Keugh, St. John10/12MWSIowa  Oct 20 Typhoid Fever
667Smith , Jerman?8/12MWSIowa  March 1 Ricketts

End Page, enumerated by Henry Hall.

1st Ward Des Moines

Line #
115Martin, Ira S.2/12MW Iowa  April Congestion of th eBrain
229Kreider, Christian R.22MW Indiana  FebGlove MakerConsumption
367Pollard, John1MW IowaXXJune Cholera Infantum
483Tawney, Ida May1FW Iowa  July Cholera Infantum
586Heim, Ida A.2FW Penn  July Dropsy of Brain
693Wilson, Willie1MW Indiana  July Cholera Infantum
797Rogers, Elizabeth A.2FW OhioXXOct Typhoid Fever
899Garrity, Thomas39MWMIrelandXXAugLaborerUnknown *
9159Wagoner, Fred22MWMNew YorkXXSeptBarberInflamation of Bowels
10176Sanford, Edwin46MWMConnecticut  MarchHardware merchantTyphoid Fever
11181Tallan, James11/12MW IowaXXJune Cholera Infantum
12185Blodgett, Frank W.21MW Indiana  NovBookkeeperConsumption
13203Carter, Sarah70FW Virginia  Sept Typhoid Fever
14203Carter, Cora9 FW Iowa  Sept Typhiod Fever
15203Carter, Florence2FW Iowa  Aug Scrofula
*Garrity Thomas was attacked with pain in shoulder which in the course of three weeks reached his heart and death ensued. The family report that the physicians failed to determine the nature of the disease.

End 2st Ward, enumberated by W. L. Vestal.

2nd Ward, Des Moines

Line #
15Fordham, Minnie D.1FW Iowa  Feb. Asthma
222Kimball, Harry3/12MW Iowa  July Cholera Infantum
363Love, Thomas E.31MWMNew York  AprilClerk in OfficeConsumption
4203Roth, Baby1 dayMW Iowa  May Injury at Birth
5231Martin, Horatio56MWMConnecticut  AprilFarmerPlurosy
6239Stanley, Everett O.1MW Iowa XAug Cholera Infantum
7257Donaldson, Harty M.1/12FW IowaXXSept Unknown*
8292Shackelford, Henry26MW Ohio  OctDruggistInflammation of Bowels
9300Fox, Eliza52FWMPenn  July Erysipilas
10302Davis, James W.65MWMPenn  DecGrocerNeuralgia
11306Seeberger, Ulysea1MW IowaX July Cholera Infantum
*The parents of this child talks very little English and it is impossible for me to understand what disease caused the child('s) death. They cannot give the name of the attending physician.

End 2nd Ward, enumerated by W. L. Vestal.

3rd Ward Des Moines

Line #
1125Sparhawk, Eddie10/12MW Iowa  June Congestion of Brain
2127Noble, Willie2FW Iowa  Feb Inflammation of Bowels
3151James, Elizabeth82FWWConnecticut  Dec Consumption
4180Ledwick, Robert64MWMIrelandXXMarchFarmerAcute Rheumatism
5209Drown, Edward2/12MW Iowa  Aug Inflammation of Bowels
6212Neuman, Nancy65FWWKentucky  April Dropsy of Heart
7217Lowell, Charles19MW Michigan  Aug. Injury on RR*
8218Palmer, Robert S.3/12MW Iowa  Oct. Inflammation of Brain
9219Slaver, Eddie5MW IowaXXSept Scarlet Fever
10219Slaver, Sarah E. 1FW IowaXXSept Scarlet Fever
11226Bartz, James5/12MW IowaXXMay Cholera
12253Lewis, Margaret22FW Indiana  March Bronchitis
13253Lewis, James24MW Indiana  July   Bronchitis
14270James, John77MWMIndiana  MarchFarmerOld Age**
15272Swift, Lucy7/12FW Iowa  Aug Ulceration
16274Vanbuskirk, Edward1MW Iowa  Sept Inflammation of Bowels
17832Martin, MaryAnn43FWMTenn  Oct Consumption
18347Swift, Bridget35FWMIrelandXXMay Hemmorrage Accident +
19348Hughes, Micheal23MW IrelandXXDecBrick MasonConsumption
20354Benedict, Edith55FWMCanada  Nov Typhoid Fever
21374Dixon, James59MWMPenn XDecFarmerTyphoid Fever
22406Cain, Elizabeth60FWMIrelandXXAug Drowned
23415McDonald, Emma22FB Missouri  Jan Dropsy of Heart
*This young man fell from the cars when he was four (4) years of age and was so injured as to cripple him for life, and finally caused his death.-
**The family can give nothing more definite than "Old Age".
+Fell on chair and ruptured a blood vessel.

End 3rd Ward, enumerated by W. L. Vestal.

4th Ward Des Moines

Line #
14Mahanna, Harry1MW Iowa  Sept Dysentary
25McCain, Mary70FWWPenn  Feb Consumption
318Fedrick, Cornelia C.36FWMOhio  Sept Consumption
420Mathews, Kate14FW Indiana  June Dropsy of Heart
552Parr, Prudence4FW IllinoisX Oct Diptheria
672Brushnehan, Mary23FWMIrelandXXJan Typhoid Fever
774Schofield, Lavina1FW IowaXXSept Cholera
8150George, Albert2MW Ohio  Aug Inflammation of Brain
9151Sprague, Josephine4FW Ohio  May Measles
10167Lancerman, Leo1MW Iowa  July Indigestion
11179Hutton, Charles7/12MW Iowa  April Inflammation of Brain
12204Somes, Harvord L.1MW Maine  July Cancer of Stomach
13210Manuel, Robert1MW IowaXXAug Cholera
14212Lewis, Mary22FW New York  Jan Consumption
15245Nordyke, Bethnel29MWMOhio  DecDealer in StockKilled on R.R.
16265Scott, John1MW IowaXXAug Cholera
17267James, John E.1MW Iowa  July Inflammation of Brain
18267James, William A.3/12MW Iowa  Feb Diptheria
19285Hartney, Michael28MWMIrelandXXDecBrick MasonDrowned
20288Lacy, Ellen34FWMIrelandXXJan Childbirth
21288Lacy,Lawrence1MW IowaXXAug Pneumonia
22290Milligan, Schylor C.1MW Iowa  July Unknown*
23312Brotz, Frederick38MW BadenXXOct.LaborerTyphoid Fever
24324Lester, Eliza32FWMEnglandXXJuly Childbirth
25325Hollingsworth, William1/12MW IowaXXSept Spasms
26330Burtch, Harriet61FWMMass  May Disease of Heart**
27337Atkins, Barnabus P.64MWMMass  AugFarmerConsumption
28341Moffitt, Rachel62FWMOhio  Aug Apoplexy
*This was a very feeble child from birth and died when teething.
**Died very suddenly --Supposed to have been Disease of the Heart.

End 4th Ward, enumerated by W. L. Vestal.

5th Ward Des Moines (East Des Moines)

Line #
11West, Martena60FWWBadenXXApril Pneumonia
26Myers, Laura7FW Iowa  Feb Consumption
38Harter, J. W.71MW Maryland  Aug Drowned in River
425Crowley, Robert45MW IrelandXXNovCoal DiggerPain in head died suddenly
535Roech, Rose1FW Iowa  Oct. Consumption
677Hull, J. E.42MWMNew York  JuneLawyerConsumption
785Cox, Josephine20FW Ohio  March Congestion of Lung
8105Kidd, Thos. Grant11/12MW Illinois  Sept Congestion of Lung
9134Stevenson, Hanna24FW IrelandXXAug Intermittent Fever
10142Bundy , Lettie21FW Ohio XApril Child Birth
11146Laverty, Flora4FW Iowa  Aug Congestion of Lung
12149Geffries, Henry1MW Iowa  Aug Teething
13192Masters, P 19MW Ohio  Sept Dropsy of Heart
14195Stutesman, C66MW Penn  NovCarpenterChronic Diarrhea
15199Small, Gertrude7FW Iowa  Sept Typhoid Pneumonia
16204Stevenson, Luella1FW Iowa  Sept Diarrhea
17211Martin, Mary A.43FW Tennesee  Aug Consumption
18219Gibson, Martin6/12MB Iowa  March Spinal Afflection
19235Totten, Nettie1FW Iowa  Aug Cholera Infantum
20235Totten, Ettie2/12FW Iowa  Sept Cholera Infantum
21246Jackson, Mary2FW Penn  July Disease of Brain
22248Rose1 dayFW Iowa  March Unknown
23278Grant, Fred36MB Missouri  Aug Congestion of Lung
24301Mead, U. S.1 dayMW Iowa  Aug Unknown

6th Ward Des Moines (East Des Moines)

Line #
  Green, Joseph1/12MW Iowa  May Unknown
  Swope, Josephine10/12FW Iowa  Feb Cholera
  Ives, Minnie1FW Iowa  Sept Cholera
  Bushtel, Eliza J.44FW Ohio XDec Consumption
  Pelton, Augustus1MW Iowa  May Pneumonia
  Scott, Jennettie42FW Scotland  Dec Cosumption
  Butt, H.9/12FW Iowa  Sept Brain Fever
  Irwin, Judie2FW Iowa  Oct Congestion of Lungs
  North, Geo. J.33MW New York  FebLawyerInflammatory Rheumatism
  Nichols, Henry37MW Indiana  SeptPainter 
  Nichols, Minnie1FW Indiana  July Cholera
  McArdle, Ed36MW IrelandXXNov Consumption
  Boehler, Louise1FW IowaXXAug Teething
  Boehler, Louis1/12MW IowaXXJuly Inflammation
  McDonnel, John1MW Iowa  Aug Cholera
  Bradford, Cora5FW Iowa  May Unknown
17 Shafer, Jane1FW Iowa  Sept Cholera
18 Murry, Nella2FW Iowa  Dec Inflammation of Brain
19 Lappen, Ida5/12FW Iowa  July Cholera
20 Lawyer, V13MW Wisconsin  Dec Typhoid Fever
21 Holmes, Evy6FW Ohio  Feb Congestion of Brain
22 Schoonmaker, Morris 38MW New Jersey  April CarpenterDisease of Heart

End 6th Ward, enumerated by J. B. Tiffin(?).

7th Ward Des Moines (East Des Moines)

Line #
111Slater, John8MW Kansas  Dec Erysepilas
223Coles, James24MW Unknown  Jun 1870Brakeman RRBy Cars Running [over[ him
365Mitchell, May1FW IowaXXJuly Unknown
467Cowger, Emit2MW Iowa  Feb Unknown
598Bond, Sarah13FW Missouri  March Heart Disease
6103Flinn, Thos19MW New YorkXXJan Consumption
7116Kelly, James36MW New York  Jun 1870Day LaborerConsumption
8136Casey, Sarah21FW Penn  April Consumption
9137Dagnan, Morris60MW IrelandXXDecDay LaborerConsumption
10137Finn, James6MW Iowa  July Whooping Cough
11160Londgren, J. H.7/12MW Iowa  July Teething
12161Dollarhide, Mary1/12FW Iowa  July Diarrhea
13178Anderson, Rose1FW SwedenXXNov Unknown
14202Knox, Sarah1FW Iowa  May Lung Dropsy
15224Banny, Charles ?11/12MW Iowa  June Cholera Infantum
16225Elliott, Sarah40FW N. Carolina  Nov Consumption
17232Walker, Jay2/12MW Iowa  June Unknown
18257Stamper, Cora4FW Iowa  March Unknown

End 7th Ward, enumerated by J. B. Tiffin(?).

Elkhart Twp.

Line #
135Corfy, William G.5MW Iowa  June Dis. of Lung
270Coughlin, John 75MW IrelandXXJan 6FarmerConsumption

End Elkhart Twp., enumerated by Henry Hall.

Four Mile Twp.

Line #
12Ellis, Etta7/12FWSIowa  Feb 10 Lung Dis. of
217Stuart, Wm. J.1MWSIowa  Aug 24 Cholera Infantum
319Hickman, Jacob71MWSPenn  May 20FarmerConsumption
422Claper, Bertha7/12FWSOhio  Jun 26 Small Pox
562Gulick, James1MWSIowa  April 25 Unknown
692Hays, Martha1FWSIowa  Aug 12 Chronic Diarrhea

End Page 8, enumerated by Henry Hall.

Franklin Twp.

Line #
110Johnson, Walter1MW Iowa  Oct 10 Consumption
285Henderson, Chas. 1MW Iowa  July 26 Consumption

End Page, enumerated by Henry Hall.

Jefferson Twp.

Line #
118Finley, John41MWMOhio  FebFarmerConsumption
237McClain, Sarah E. 17FW Iowa  Feb Pneumonia
362Morn, Edward1/12MW Iowa  May ??ort
466Hanly, (no name)1 dayMW Iowa  Feb Miscarriage
580Clark, John P. 28MW Indiana  JulyFarmerConsumption
697Niel, Samuel1MW New York  Dec Lung Fever
7132Hurst, (no name)---MW Iowa  March Childbirth

End Page, enumerated by Leonard Brown.

Lee Twp.

Line #
17McClelland, William10/12MW Iowa  Sept/69 Diarrhea
28McClelland, E.1MW Iowa  July/69 Cholera Infantum
310Losee, William35MWMN. York  SeptLiverymanUnknown
417Carter, C9FB Iowa  Oct Remittent Fever
525Davis, Lenore2FW Iowa  Sept Diarrhea
647McBride, Hugh10MW Iowa  July/69 Drowned in River
750McBride, Mary70FW Ireland  Aug Dis. of Lungs
856Dean, Hannah25FW Ohio  Dec Consumption
968Rutherford, Adoline3FW California  Sept Erysipelas
1092Phelps, L.2FW Iowa  March Whooping Cough
11134Fredregill, Eliza5/12FW Iowa  Aug Diarrhea

End Page, enumerated by J. B. Tiffin(?).

Madison Twp

Line #
114Ellis, Anlorfall41FWMWisconsin  June 26Keeping HseHemorage of Lungs
217Brown, William1MWSIowa  July 22 Inflammation of Bowels
361Taft, sarah 42FWMNorwayXXMay 6Keeping HseLung Dis. of
4 Thor, Martin84MWMNorwayXXMarch 8 Dis. of Bowels
5134Burrick, John 39MWMPenn  Aug 3FarmerDisease of Kidneys
6166Hess, Maud2FWSIowa  Oct 25 Inflamation of Brain
7170Pleappet, Mary44FWMHesserXXSept 30Keeping HseTyphoid Fever
8174Sillith, Stella1FWSIowa  Sept 10 Cholera Infantum
9192Baber, Alvra19MWSIowa  Dec 23Work on FarmParalysid
10234Kuler, Mary1FWSIowaX April 2 Lung Inf Of
11250Gibbson, Catharine1FWSIowa  May 6 Disease of Brain
12294Smock, John G. 50 MWMKentucky  Sept 24FarmerTyphoid Fever
13302Thompson, Louisa6FWSIowa  May 12 Hypertrophy of Heart
14327Strain, Obediah82MWMVirginia  Sept 5 Unknown
16333Christensen, Jesse2/12MWSIowa  Dec 30 Congestion of Lungs
17341Parmenter, Nathl.78MWMN. Hampshire  May 19 Debility
18341Parmenter, Rhoda73FWMN. Hampshire  April 4 Heart Disease
19369Moore, Harriett1FWSIowa  Sept 27 Diarrhea
20387Grimes, Harriett16FWSIndiana  Oct. 12 Remitting Fever

End Madison Twp., enumerated by Henry Hall.

Saylor Twp.

Line #
169(?)Shwinton, Elizabeth35FWMPenn  May 31 Consumption
2139Healdman, Emma2/12FWSIowa  July 3 Cholera Morhis
3161Halderman, A.36MWMOho  Nov 11FarmerConsumption
4165Anderson, Lousia20FWSSwitzerlandXXOct 10 Typhoid Fever
5168Dyer, Geo. W.24MWSMich.  Mch 25FarmerConsumption

End Saylor Twp., enumerated by Henry Hall.

Valley Twp.

Line #
110Rollinson, Drucilla26FWMCanadaXXMayKeeping HseScrofula??
274Colson, Chas.11/12MW SwedenXXMarch Whooping Cough
3124Stevens, H. C.4/25MW Iowa  Dec Miscarriage

End Valley Twp., enumerated by Leonard Brown.

Walnut Twp.

Line #
148Cook, Jeheal S.56MWMNew York  Nov Accidental thrown from Stage Coach in Colorado
254Watrous, Phineas1MW Iowa  Aug Cholera Infantum
363Jack, Sarah M.22FW OhioX MayKeeping HseAccidental Drowning
465Jack, Catherine18FWMOhio  May Accidental Drowning
588Pierce, Sarah W. 33FWMIndiana  March Consumption
6102Chambers, (not named)0MW Iowa XMarch Still Born
7115Anderson, Edward3/12MW Iowa  Sept. Whooping Cough
8115Anderson, Frederick3/12MW Iowa  Sept Whooping Cough
9120Welsh, Wm. L.1/12MW IowaXXSept Cholera Infantum
10123Heffern, Michael5MW IllinoisXXMarch Dis. of Lungs
11124Wertz, (not named)0MW IowaXXMay Still Born
12163Hickock, Wm.37MW Indiana  AugFarmerConsumption

End Valley Twp., enumerated by Leonard Brown.

Washington Twp.

Line #
150Randle, Jno.46MWMVermont  Feb 24MerchantDis. of Heart

End Washington Twp., enumerated by Henry Hall.

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