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Maps indicating cemetery locations are provided by TopoZone.com, which in turn uses United States Geological Survey coordinates. These maps give driving directions; and allow the user to zoom in, pan left to right, up and down, etc.

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Cemetery Name Township Latitude Longitude Driving Directions
Altoona Cemetery Clay 41.6577666 -93.4446564 View Map
Ankeny Memorial Gardens Crocker 41.7652656 -93.6018845 View Map
Avon Cemetery Allen 41.5299899 -93.5341038 View Map
Beebe Cemetery Madison 41.7694319 -93.7096662 View Map
Berwick Cemetery Delaware 41.6735997 -93.5474378 View Map
Bondurant Cemetery Franklin 41.6994329 -93.45299 View Map
Bretheran Cemetery Douglas 41.7763768 -93.5507714 View Map
Byers Cemetery a.k.a
Cory Grove Cemetery
Elkhart 41.7872102 -93.4782687 View Map
Camp Twp. Cemetery
Canfield Cemetery
Clay 41.6047115 -93.4260447 View Map
Chapel Hill Gardens Cemetery
aka Merle Hay Cemetery
Webster 41.6388776 -93.7007765 View Map
Concord aka Garner Cemetery
Crocker Cemetery part of Woodland Lincoln 41.7785986 -93.6779984 View Map
Cory Grove Cemetery a.k.a.
Byers Cemetery
Elkhart 41.7872102 -93.4782687 View Map
Davis Farm Cemetery   41.7638764 -93.7252224 View Map
Des Moines Masonic Cemetery Des Moines     1550 48th Street Des Moines, IA
Elkhart Cemetery Elkhart 41.7908212 -93.5166034 View Map
Elm Grove Cemetery Bloomfield 41.5249899 -93.5766051 View Map
Emmanuel Cemetery part of Woodland Cem Des Moines 41.5916559 -93.64883 View Map
Enterprise Cemetery Douglas 41.7083216 -93.5502157 View Map
Farrar Cemetery Washington 41.8060991 -93.369098 View Map
Fort Des Moines Cemetery Bloomfield 41.525985 -93.607035 View Map
Cavlary Post, Fort Des Moines Burials Exhumed
Re-interrence was made at National Cemetery in Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa
Bloomfield 41.525985 -93.607035 View Map
Franklin Cemetery Franklin 41.7147106 -93.3802096 View Map
Franklin/Santiago Cemetery
Glendale Cemetery Des Moines 41.6061001 -93.6849424 View Map
Greenwood Cemetery a.k.a. Greenwood Friends Cemetery
Submitted by JoAnn Adamson, Sexton and Caretaker
Douglas 41.7019328 -93.557716 View Map
Greenwood Cemetery GPP Douglas 41.7019328 -93.557716 View Map
Greenwood Friends Cemetery database, compiled by Rebecca Foster Douglas 41.7019328 -93.557716 View Map
Harvey Cemetery
Highland Memory Gardens Cemetery Saylor 41.6683219 -93.6174403 View Map
Holy Cross Cemetery Washington 41.7938769 -93.4015992 View Map
Hopkins Grove Cemetery, GPP Union 41.8116536 -93.7807799 View Map
Transcription by Kathy Foote Union 41.8116536 -93.7807799 View Map
Iowa St. Capital Grounds Cemetery        
Jewish Children of Israel Cemetery        
Jordan Cemetery Walnut 41.5588783 -93.7452219 View Map
Keller Cemetery Delaware 41.6019337 -93.5121586 View Map
Kinsey Cemetery Webster 41.6697107 -93.6874428 View Map
Kinsey (Lawson) Cemetery GPP Webster 41.6697107 -93.6874428 View Map
Laurel Hill Cemetery Lee 41.5913782 -93.5418819 View Map
Lem (L.E.M) Small Cemetery   41.7985983 -93.7391118 View Map
Lincoln Ev. Lutheran Church Cemetery a.k.a.
Willie Coons Farm Cemetery
Lincoln 41.83879 -93.67838 View Map
Lincoln Cemetery Jefferson 41.7547097 -93.7553615 View Map
Lincoln Twp Cemetery Lincoln 41.7947403 -93.6399574 View Map
Lowman Cemetery Camp 41.5302678 -93.363543 View Map
Maple HIll Cemetery
Masonic Cemetery aka Des Moines Masonic
McDivitt Cemetery Webster 41.6444331 -93.7116102 View Map
Merle Hay Cemetery
Mitchellville Cemetery Beaver 41.672211 -93.3502087 View Map
Moeckly Cemetery
Mount Zion / Mt. Zion Cemetery,
Plot Map
Washington 41.8352657 93.4346559 View Map
New Altoona Cemetery Clay 41.6522111 -93.4460453 View Map
Oak Grove Cemetery on SW 31st St. Lee 41.5486007 -936,582,746 View Map
Oak Grove Cemetery Delaware & Easton Des Moines 41.6041559 -93.5804944 View Map
Oak Hill (Irwin) aka Colfax or Highland
Oakwood Cemetery Four Mile 41.5836005 -93.526048 View Map
Oralabor Cemetery Crocker 41.7024883 -3.5921617 View Map
Pinehill Cemetery Saylor 41.6583219 -93.6277184 View Map
Polk City Cemetery GPP
Old Section
Main Section
Madison 41.7727653 -93.7029993 View Map
Powers-Warren Cemetery a.k.a. Warren-Powers Camp 41.544712 -93.4227114 View Map
Resthaven Cemetery Walnut 41.5805448 -93.7302215 View Map
Ridgedale Cemetery, Johnston GPP Jefferson 41.6966549 -93.705777 View Map
Rising Sun Cemetery Four Mile 41.5999893 -93.4821577 View Map
Rittgers Cemetery, GPP Webster 41.6824883 -93.6838316 View Map
Santiago Cemetery
Saint (St) Ambrose Des Moines 41.5933225 -93.6466077 View Map
Saint (St) Ambrose, Woodland Des Moines 41.5933225 -93.6466077 View Map
Sheldahl Cemetery Lincoln 41.8508202 -93.6929989 View Map
Sims Cemetery a.k.a Harris or Agency Cemetery Lee 41.6005448 -93.5441042 View Map
Spry Cemetery Camp 41.560826 -93.3863214 View Map
Stuart Cemetery Four Mile 41.5672118 -93.4482678 View Map
Sunny Hill Cemetery Webster 41.6833214 -93.7896685 View Map
Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery Bloomfield 41.5158232 -93.6435517 View Map
Union Cemetery Crocker 41.7416545 -93.6768872 View Map
United Bretheran Cemetery, at Hopkins Grove Church Union 41.8280423 -93.7757797 View Map
United Brethren Cemetery on 150th Ave Washington 41.8352657 -93.4015992 View Map
Valley View Cemetery,
Jefferson 41.7144324 -93.7174441 View Map
Warren Powers Cemetery 41.5446351 -93.4225485
White Oak Cemetery, GPP
Submitted by Daniel Higginbottom
Elkhart 41.8344321 -93.5357708 View Map
White Oak Map of Burials and Surname Index by Marker No.
Submitted by Daniel Higginbottom
Elkhart 41.8344321 -93.5357708 View Map
Wicker Cemetery, GPP,
Transcription by Patrick Murray
Camp 41.5152679 -93.4107668 View Map
Willie Coons Farm Cemetery a.k.a.
Lincoln Ev. Lutheran Church Cemetery
Lincoln 41.83879 -93.67838 View Map
**Woodland Cemetery
Plat Map
Des Moines 41.5888781 -93.6466077 View Map
**Woodland cemetery is made up of the following cemeteries: Allen, Baker, Baptist, Brazill, Clapp, Crocker, Des Moines Children's Home, Emanuel Jewish, Flavin, Flynn, Hamilton, Hanawalt, Hosie, Hukkell, Morrison, Odd Fellows,Perkins, Redhead, St Ambrose, Savery, Sherman, Wallace, Younker
Woodland Cemetery Link to images of new stones that were layed for babies that died over 100 years ago.

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