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The search for John Linn

Pioneers of Polk County, Iowa, and Reminiscences of Early Days 1908
Click link for compilation of the bios from this book

Ernest Clyde & Vera (Durr) Berry

Charles A. Bishop added 11/1/2017

Richard Sharp Crystal diary of his travel on the Oregon Trail

Frank R Gaynor added 11/1/2017

Lawrence De Graff added 11/1/2017

Josiah Given Judge/General

Josiah Given added 11/1/2017 (includes photo)

Josiah Hopkins, Polk County Abolitionist
An in-depth study of this dedicated and courageous man and his movement.

T. J. Jones & and family

La Vega G. Kinne added 11/1/2017

Scott M Ladd added 11/1/2017

William E. Miller added 11/1/2017

Kenneth M. Peacock & Nadine (Johnson) Peacock

Moses Pence

Charles E. Stader

Truman S. Stevens added 11/1/2017

Hubert Utterback added 11/1/2017

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