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When my grandmother Esther Jones died in 1989 after living with my family for 17 years, my dad and I were standing visiting after her funeral. He made the comment that he could never understand how his father, Arvon could be an only child, and he still had aunts and uncles. This one comment, caused 28 years of research on my part. While I only have 1/3 of the information on these people, the journey to learning the who, what, when, where & how, is still on going.

David John, son of Thomas & Mary (Thomas) John, was born Nov 23, 1831 in Gyfeillion, Rhondda Valley, Wales. He married Margret Jenkins (b. circ 1832) on Oct 11, 1845. David was a "jack of all trades", coal miner, horse trader, carpenter, ditch digger, and father.

Together, David and Margret had the following children:

Maria (July 26, 1846 - Nov 15, 1872) She married William Lewis. They remained in Wales and I have not discovered if they had children.

Samuel John Jones (b. Oct 17, 1848 Wales, d. Feb 3, 1918 Des Moines, IA) Samuel married Jannett Hopkins Jan 31, 1874 in Bridgend, UK. Samuel emigrated from Wales April 26, 1882. to the US. More about the family will be on his page.

Daniel John Jones (b. Jul 5 1851 Wales, d. July 23, 1926 Des Moines, IA) Daniel married Susanna Chenoweth on Feb 18, 1874 in Des Moines, IA. Daniel emigrated from Wales Feb 7, 1870 for the US. More about the family on his page. Daniel's Diary

Thomas John Jones (b. Mar 3, 1854 in Llangynwyd, Gloucestershire, Wales, d. Aug 20, 1911, Des Moines, IA) Married Jimima Louisa Walker/Watkins (b. Jun 21, 1856 Wales d. Jul 24, 1893 Bevington, IA) on June 29, 1874 in Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales. Second marriage was to Maribe (Steele) Bell (b. Jan 1854 d. Sept 16, 1932 Des Moines, IA) March 28, 1895 in Bevington, IA. T.J. arrived in New York on March 4th, 1883 More on their families on their pages.

Hannah John Jones (b. Nov 27, 1856 in Wales, d. Oct. 16, 1927 Wheat Ridge, CO) married Hugh W. Francon (b. 1858 Wales, d. 1943, Wheat Ridge, CO) May 25, 1891 in Arapahoe, Colorado. Hannah emigrated from Wales in 1882. More about her family on their page.

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