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*Lisa Robinson

*Gretchen Higgins

*Annie Golden

*Patty Meske Caron

*Tom Baack

*Stephen Klosterman

*Shannon Burrough

*Ted Poppke

*Janice Cox

*Jan Mahoney

*Edgar Lee

*Tammy Jorgensen

*Wm. Brackett

*Janis Taberna

*Rod Anderson

*Stan D. Culley

*Bob Jacoby

*Eric & Marcia Driggs

*Inez Schuster

*Kim Callahan

*Barb Lasky

*Bob Arens

*Minerva VanPeursem

*Colleen Foote

*Mary Kay Krogman

*Ardythe Rees Stoesz

*Russ Riter

*Randy Schmitt

*Jeanette McFarlane

*Rosie Struble

*Jeff Deitchler

*Larry Lundeen

*Frank Postma

*Kathi Fluck

*Doris Bernhardt

*Doris Snow

*Kathy Brookbank

**Carl Jahn

*Bonnie Mares

**Dona Jahn Hicks

**Gaylene Bordeaux

*David W. Brower

*Janet Schuldt

*Linda Linn

*Beverly Fry

*Pat Anderson

*Betty Winterringer

*Mary Holub

*Lin Ziemann

*Linda Mohning

*Vern & Karen Harrington

*Justin Herbst

*Bruce Atkinson

*Kathy Henderson

*Viv Reeves

*Nancy Yoder

*Mary Vogt

*Milt Keizer

*Tim Tone

*Mona Scheer

*Glenna Rice

*Harlan Woolworth

"Thanks to everyone for sharing & contributing to these pages of Plymouth Co. Iowa history!"

What's New...

NEW Postings to Plymouth Co. IA GenWeb

October 2017

"NEW" Thanks to Eric & Marcia Driggs for submitting the following--See the link under the Military topic off the main page of this website for WWI.

Specimen Lists of Iowa Men and Women Lost in the World War, in “Annals of Iowa”, 3rd series, volume XV, issue 5, July, 1926, pages 358 - 376 (list of WWI deaths in twenty counties of northwest Iowa-specific to this site the COMPLETE LIST consists of Plymouth County casualties.)

Sep 2017

"NEW" There were 33 additional OBITS posted to this website.

August 2017

"NEW" In August, there were 166 additional OBITS posted to this website. Huge thanks to those who have made submissions.

July 2017

"NEW" Family story page now posted for John & Florence Richardson. This couple had 3 children, per the 1900 Federal Census. A Dabbs Studio photo of their two young sons is included on the page. Thanks to Mary Holub & Linda Ziemann for the research into this page.

"NEW" In the month of July, there were 393 additional OBITS and 3 DOCS posted to this website. Huge thanks to those who have made submissions. Special thanks goes to researcher, Doris.....she has worked very diligently and several local county cemetery listings are now also updated as a result of Doris' research.

June 2017

"NEW" Another Talk of the Town "News" story now posted. Check out the page that explains the death of Fred Hoffman, who died at the hands of a Montana woman. Fred Hoffman is buried Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Adaville, Plymouth County IA. Thanks to Doris Snow for sharing this history.

"NEW" In June, there were 66 OBITS and 4 DOCS submitted to this website. Good work--Great History now posted!

May 2017

"NEW" Another Talk of the Town "News" story now posted. Check out the page talking about the murder of Delbert Church and READ ALL ABOUT IT.....he died Jan. 15, 1910, at the hands of another.

"NEW" Researcher, Stephen Klosterman, submitted an autobiography written by Frank J. Klostermann. See the two page additions that have been added to the following family tribute page --- Thanks so much to Stephen for sharing this family history! Frank J. Klostermann & wife, Mary

"NEW" In May, there were 98 OBITS submitted to this website. That is outstanding!

Apr 2017

***Plymouth County IAGenWeb site has PASSED the semi-annual review in April 2017.

"NEW" In April, there were 71 OBITS submitted to this website. Great work!

March 2017

"NEW" Family story pages are now online for Otto Gottlieb Berner & his wife Anna Durst. And also: Vincent P. Freymann & his wife, Ottillia. Lovely photos of Ottillia are included. Take a look!

"NEW" [complete record] LeMars High School Class of 1909 now posted, includes Photograph & the Senior Class List of Graduates. Thanks to Linda Z, for posting this great history. Love the photograph that was located of the graduates.

"NEW" In March, there were 24 OBITS & 6 DOCS posted to this website on the corresponding Boards.

Feb 2017

"NEW" Family Story/Photo page now complete for Leonard A. Singer & wife, Katherine Mader Singer. They raised a family of ten children in Union Twp, Plymouth County Iowa. See their marriage photograph, their story & the data on this website detailing their lives.

"NEW" In February, there were 6 OBITS & 3 DOCS posted to this website.

Jan 2017

"NEW" In January there were 2 OBITS posted to this website.

Dec 2016

"NEW" Another "Talk of the Town" story has been posted. Check out the story page for Charles McCaustland who married Mrs. Jane T. Mills, Westfield IA on Jan. 1st, 1896. Click on the link in this paragraph and read all about it!

"NEW" In December there was 1 OBIT, 1 DOC, and 1 BIO posted to this website.

Nov 2016

"NEW" In November there were 7 OBITS posted to this website.

Oct 2016

"NEW" There were 10 additional OBITS posted during the month of October.

***Plymouth County IAGenWeb site has PASSED the semi-annual review.....October/Nov 2016


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