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WAFA website

History of School

The Northwestern Normal Institute, 1887-1889

New School Opening Sept. 17, 1901

WUC News Items

LeMars Sentinel, July 19, 1900 **New Bell

LeMars Sentinel, June 1924 **Quartet news

LeMars Globe-Post, 10 Aug 1925

The Gleam, 20 Oct 1934

LeMars Globe-Post, 22 Apr 1935

LeMars Globe-Post, 14 Nov 1938

LeMars Sentinel, 05 Jul 1940

LeMars Globe-Post, 05 Sep 1940

LeMars Sentinel, 11 Nov 1941

LeMars Sentinel, 04 Jul 1947

Globe-Post, 05 May 1949 **Chapel Choir


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Historic Photos

WUC and Westmar Photo Page

Excelsior Literary Society, 1907

1934 WUC Football Team

Campus Professors/Faculty:

Boelter, Francis W.

Dorweiler, Virgil (d. 10 Jan 2000)

Ersland, Neil "Doc" 1934-1988

Eyster, Darrell (d. 09 Sep 1973)

Garrido, Dr. Jose 1914-2008

Hershberger, A. R.

Hershberger, Marie 1897-1981

Kalas, Dr. Harry H. 1903-1984

Kime, Dr. D. O.

Kluckhohn, Harvey N. 1898-1981

Koch, Coach Walter

Larsen, Miss Dorothy 1917-1959

Larson, Dr. Arthur Q. 1920-2008

Miller, Dr. E. M.

Mock, Dr. C. A.

Oliver, Ellen 1915-2002

Poling, Dr. C. C.

Smith, Harold A.

Smith, Rudy

Stafford, Miss Helen (d. 1940)

Summerside, Frank N.

Thompson, Golden O. 1905-1975

Thoren, Dr. Herman H. (d. 28 Nov 1945)

VanderWell, Herman 1902-1997

Wernli, Jacob 1828-1901

White, Dr. Patrick

Zuehl, Dr. B. F. 1883-1973