LeMars Globe-Post
April 22, 1935

W. U. College News

The annual meeting of the college board of trustees will be held May 14th
and 15th.

The order for the “Depression Annual ’35” have now reached the 125 mark.

The campus is being raked and the shrubbery trimmed and now shows its new
spring attire.

The Men’s Glee Club are making a 10-day tour through Nebraska and
southwestern Iowa. They broadcast from Norfolk during the second day out.
The club will return April 29th.

Dr. Zuehl gave an address at the Evangelical church at Fonda, Iowa, on
Easter Sunday.

Professor E. L. Fireoved attended the annual meeting of economists in the
Midwestern states, on April 12 and 13, the meeting was held in Kansas City,

During the visit of Dr. and Mrs. Heim from Humboldt, Neb., last week, the
students and faculty pledged $85.00 for missionary and educational work in
southeastern Kentucky. Dr. Heim was president of the college Y.M.C.A. in
1918 and was instrumental in originating the annual mission drives which
have been sponsored by the Y. M. and Y. W. C. A. ever since.

The Albright Fellowship, including 17 ministerial students at Western Union
college, enjoyed an annual dinner as guests of Dr. and Mrs. Zuehl at their
last monthly meeting. In the absence of Theodore Moritz, the president,
Vernon Schendel, the vice president, assumed the chairmanship. A discussion
of vital topics for the minister followed the dinner and was led by Rev. O.
M. Yaggy and Prof. H. A. Smith.

The Girls’ Glee Club will make a ten-day trip over eastern Iowa, leaving on
Tuesday, April 23. The club has a membership of 18 and will be directed by
Mrs. D. O. Kime.