LeMars Sentinel, July 19, 1900

President Thoren, of Western Union College, has appointed Miss Estella Mae
Leggett as instructor in the department of elocution and oratory. Miss
Leggett is very favorably known to many in LeMars. She is a graduate from
the Drake School of Oratory. At present she is pursuing special studies
under Prof. Utt in Des Moines.

Mrs. C. Baker, of Streator, Ill., a relative to Mrs. Thoren and
father-in-law to Rev. Kaupp, of the United Evangelical church, of this city,
has sent a check of $100 to President Thoren for a memorial bell, which is
to be placed in the tower of the college building. The bell is given in
memory of the late Mrs. Rev. Kaupp and son, Walter, and will be especially
cast with this inscription:
In Memory Of
Millie Baker Kaupp
Born July 29, 1870, Streator, Ill.
Died May 8, 1900, LeMars, Iowa