LeMars Globe-Post
September 5, 1940

Maximum of Twenty Students Will Receive Instruction

Final arrangements were made today by President D. O. Kime with the Civil
Aeronautics Authority, Kansas City, for the student aviation training
program beginning September 15 at Western Union College. Construction of
the hangar started Thursday. A maximum of 20 students will receive flight
and ground instruction.

Students participating must be citizens of the United States. They must
have reached their eighteenth but not their twenty-sixth birthday and must
not have any pilot’s certificate of private grade or higher. Students must
meet the physical requirements for a student pilot’s certificate of
Commercial CPT grade. Students enrolling who are under 21 years of age must
receive the written consent of their parents or legal guardian. Preference
will be given to the following applicants:
1. College graduates
2. Students who attended college last year
3. Students with two years of previous college training

Applicants interested in the ground and flight training should contact the
college at once and arrange for a physical examination. On Friday, Pilot Du
Voh will be in LeMars and will take a member of the college faculty to the
surrounding towns in the interests of the aviation school.