LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
July 5, 1940


Word was received that Miss Helen Stafford passed away at her home in Kansas
recently. Miss Stafford was a member of the teaching staff at Western Union
College in the year 1925 as head of the department of modern languages. She
has been in educational work since leaving Western Union college.

Dr. E. M. Miller will moved his household goods to the present president’s
home next week and President Kime will move into the new president’s home,
formerly the H. S. Martin residence on Fourth Avenue SW.

Summer school recess over this weekend will give a number of summer school
students an opportunity to visit at home several days. Several events have
been planned for next week including a study tour to the state hospital at
Cherokee on Wednesday afternoon and possibly an all-school lawn party on
Tuesday evening.

Mrs. E. L. Fireoved is making a trip to Hutchinson, Kansas, during the
Fourth of July recess in order to visit her relatives in her former home