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Whiskey Slough Timeline
There are at least 3 “Whiskey Creek” or Whiskey Slough” locations in Plymouth County.  1.  Remsen and Henry Township (2 miles east of where Linda M. lives);  2. Lincoln and Stanton Townships; 3. Sioux Township north of Sioux City.  Must have been quite a few whiskey stills around!
It seems that a “slough” turns into a “creek” as the stream gets bigger.


1877:  Road Notice. Relocate a highway commencing at the angle in Whiskey Slough road in Plymouth County, Iowa, viz: The northwest corner of southwest half of northeast quarter of Section 35, Township 90, Range 46, [ Elkhorn Township], thence north to quarter Section post between Sections 26 and 35, thence east on Section line nearly one and one-half miles to intersect the original survey of said road  .. Iowa Liberal, Jan 17, 1877, page 8

Supervisors Afternoon Session.  On motion, a sufficient amount of money from the bridge fund to grade up a certain slough on south side of bridge across Whisky slough, between Sections 22 and 23, Stanton township, is hereby appropriated.  – The Iowa Liberal, Wednesday, April 11, 1877,  page 1, column 4

1882:   Notice to contractors..building bridges… One across Whiskey Slough between sections 7 and 8, township 90, range 45  [Lincoln Township] - The Daily Liberal, April 10, 1882

1883:   The Gateway baseball club will play a match game with the Whiskey Slough nine for $50 a ?? at an early day.  We learn the money is up and an interesting game is expected, both clubs having some good players.  – LeMars Weekly Sentinel, Sep 13, 1883,  page 3, column 1

1889:  Hinton Happenings.  The far famed Whiskey Slough ball club, played a game with the Neptune boys on the Hinton grounds, last Sunday, which resulted in the defeat of the former club, the score standing 17 to 11. The Whiskey Sloughs maybe able to play a good game of bluff, but they can’t play ball.  – Le Mars Sun, Sunday, June 16, 1889, page 10, column 4

JAMES. Correspondence to The Sun…  A large crowd gathered at Hinton, last Sunday, to witness the game of ball between the Whiskey Slough and Hinton clubs. The formers were victors by a score of 10 to 8 and besides, won twenty-five dollars.   – Le Mars Sun, Thursday, July 11, 1889,  page 4, column 4

1891:   (Murdered by George Reifstack at the home of Steven Bonn in Hungerford township, section 1 – a social gathering.)   Fred S. Hansen, was a native of Schleswig-Holstein and was born in 1849. He came to this country in 1869 and is one of Plymouth county’s old settlers. He pursued his avocation of blacksmithing at Whiskey Slough and was well liked and respected by his neighbors and those who knew him.  He leaves a widow and two boys aged respectively 7 and 15 years of age. - Le Mars Semi-Weekly Globe, Tuesday, April 28, 1891 , page 3, column 4 

1892:   PROCEEDINGS of the Board of Supervisors of Plymouth County at their April Session 1892… On motion a sufficient amount is hereby appropriated to build the bridge across Whiskey Slough between sections 11 and 14, township 91, range 48, J. W. Hawkins, commissioner.  [This is Sioux Township.] – Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Friday, April 15, 1892, page 2

1895:  Died. TROMETER -- Friday, March 22, George Friedrich, the six-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. George Trometer at their home in Liberty township.  The remains were interred on Sunday in the Whiskey Slough cemetery. Rev. John Burmeister officiating. – The Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Thursday, March 28, 1895, page 3, column 3

1897:  Hinton News.  The Lyceam on Wednesday evening was largely attended and a good literary program carried out. After recess the debate was dropped and the Whiskey Slough minstrel troupe gave a lively entertainment consisting of songs, clog dances and a farce comedy. They were heartily applauded.   –  Le Mars Globe-Post, Feb 10, 1897, page 4, column 3

1900:  JAMES.  Special Correspondence.  The Stewart Bros. were shelling corn for David Bomholtz near Whiskey Slough Wednesday.  -  Le Mars Semi-Weekly Post, Feb 23, 1900, page 2

1902:  Baseball.  The High School Juniors played another game with the Fredonia Champion at the Ball Park last Sunday before a very enthusiastic crowd of fans. The Juniors were defeated by a score of 5 to 4.  It was a good game just the same and the boys from Fredonia, Marion and Whiskey Slough, who combined to defeat the kids, ought not to boast of their victory as most of the infield were old players with years of experience with plenty of muscle to head off the Juniors who, although just starting to play and none of them over 16 with others only 14 and in short pants. This makes two games each team has won, the next will be for keeps and will be witnessed by a large crowd. The score as follows (give inning by inning scores).  – Remsen Bell-Enterprise, Friday, July 25, 1902, page 1, column 5

1903:   POSTOSIA. Special Correspondence.  Miss Mary Munch is visiting friends on the Whiskey Slough for a few days.  - Le Mars Sentinel, Oct 23, 1903, page 3

1904:   HINTON NEWS. The Hinton baseball nine was defeated by the Whiskey Slough nine  in a game east of Hinton on Sunday, the score being 12 to 13. - Le Mars Globe Post, Sep 28, 1904, Page 6

1905:  POTOSIA. Special Correspondence.  Miss Minnie Munsch of Potosia and Joe Krear [Krier]  of the Whiskey Slough were married Sunday, January 15. We extend congratulations.  – The Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Friday, January 27, 1905, page 1

The game between the saloon keepers of Le Mars and those of Remsen was played on the Remsen grounds as advertised, with the result that Remsen won by a score of 7 to 5. It has ever been a popular opinion that Remsen goods make one run swifter than does the stuff they sell in Le Mars.  Our Juniors played a game with the Whiskey Slough team and scored 14 to their 4.  It was a Remsen day throughout, of which Struble please take notice and be governed accordingly.  – Remsen Bell-Enterprise,  Friday, July 28, 1905, page 1, column 5

1909:  COUNTY NEWS. SOUTH LINCOLN.  The Whiskey Slough telephone company  held a business meeting in the Reid school house, Lincoln township, Friday evening. – The Le Mars Sentinel, Friday, April 16, 1909,   Page 2, column 3

1911:  A large crowd of people gathered at Wm Muecke’s pasture Sunday to see the ball game between Whiskey Slough and Stanton. Whiskey Slough defeated Stanton, 9 to 8.  -  Le Mars Sentinel, June 23, 1911, page  4, column 2

The Stanton Red Knights and Whiskey Slough ball teams crossed bats at the former’s diamond last Sunday. The game was won by the Whiskey Slough team after ten innings, the score being 11 to 8. The features of the game were the pitching of Creppen and the catching of Schrooten.  Batteries: Stanton, Phillips and Schrooten; Whiskey Slough, Creppen and Harrison.   – Le Mars Sentinel, Friday, September 1, 1911, page 5, column 4

The Hinton Cubs defeated the Whiskey Slough nine here on Decoration Day by a score of 7 to 6. An extra inning had to be played in order to find the winner.   – Le Mars Sentinel, Tuesday, June 4, 1911, page 2

1930: Two games were played in Arens’ pasture near where the picnic was held. The first was between the Stars of Fredonia and the Whiskey Slough teams.  The Stars won out 3 to 4.   The second game was between the Diegels and the Juniors of Remsen and our home lads carried the day by a score of 13 to 3.  – Remsen Bell-Enterprise,  July 17, 1930, page 3.


1903:  From Whiskey Slough.   For the Bell-Enterprise: - The Farmers on Whiskey Slough are preparing to put in a crop for an excellent harvest. They have been prosperous in the past.  J. W. Galles is a new member of our circle and has just completed erection of a commodious hog house. Charles Rosburg has built a nice machine shop.  Mr. Driscoll who has recently taken possession of the Frank Dieckmann farm, is making useful improvements on his buildings.  I will give you news from here from time to time and shall urge all to subscribe for the best paper in the county, the Bell-Enterprise, Yours M.  – Remsen Bell-Enterprise,  Friday, April 10, 1903, page 1, column 6

1903:  From Whiskey Slough Dec 15, 1903.  As the appearance prevails that your correspondent at this point is dead or asleep, I will try to serve you in his stead.  Corn is husked and the sheller is busy, and its cough up shows that corn is the king crop of 1903.  There are less steers being fattened as was the case at this time one year ago. W. C. Dawson feeds three loads, P. Anderson two.  Barney Huewe one, Driscol 2, and Will Dickmann rests, but John Greff holds the fort as the leader of feeders, having several hundred fine critters on the ranch.  The Whiskey Slough solo club held its first meeting of this winter season at the home of Math. Fiegen on Sunday Dec. 6. Those present were Barney Huewe president, Henry Bauce secretary, Chas. Rosburg Cashier, H. Piper treasurer and John Schmieder I. G.  Henry Pund O. G. while Ed. Fiegen and Joe Stoever acted as committee on refreshments.  His honor, squire Asmus Erichsen, acted a prompter par excellence, having been also elected as honorary member. The next meeting will be at Schmieder’s place. Henry Wentz is thinking of going to Struble next spring and engaging in the dray business. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tregoning on Wed. Dec. 9.  Yours Autonius.  – Remsen Bell-Enterprise,  Dec 18, 1903, page 4

1908:     The Whiskey Slough Teddybears and the Southern Tigers crossed bats at the Lampert ball park Sunday, August 16. The Tigers won by a score of 10 to 2. The battery for the Tigers was Gebhart and Lanners; for the Teddybears, Harnack and Erichsen.  Gebhart struck out nine men and Eirchsen nine. Hits off Gebharat 8; off Erichsen 8.  – Remsen Bell-Enterprise,  Aug 21, 1908, page 4

1910:   The Whiskey Slough Solo Club had a jolly meeting at the farm home of Peter Lauters last Sunday afternoon and evening. There was an unusual good interest show in the games, for which the fine refreshments and lunch served were undoubtedly accountable.   – Remsen Bell-Enterprise, Jan 20, 1910, page 5

1913: Telephone Company Meets.  The Whiskey Slough Telephone Co., at their annual stockholders meeting held last Saturday, elected the following officers:  President, Peter Lauters; Secretary, Henry feller; Treasurer, Alt Johnson; Directors, Peter Lauters, Alt Johnson, Henry Feller. The president’s report showed a condition of prosperity, and was well received by the members.    – Remsen Bell-Enterprise, Thursday, Jan. 23, 1913, page 5

1920:  Notice of Dissolution of Corporation.  Notice is hereby given that the Whiskey Slough Telephone Company, an Iowa corporation having its principal place of business in Remsen, Plymouth County, Iowa, which was incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa, in the year 1906, to endure for the period of 20 years from and after July 14, 1906, was dissolved…..   . John Thiel, President, Gus. Rosburg, Secretary, John A. Johnson, Treasurer – Remsen Bell-Enterprise,  Thursday, June 17, 1920, page 3  [ Besides Whiskey Slough, other early telephone companies in the Remsen area were:  Red Cedar, the Short Line, the Remsen & Meadow Twp. and Deep Creek.  See Jan 111, 1923, page 4

1934:  KITTENBALL.  “Whiskey Slough”, a newly organized kittenball team, won its first  game of the season Sunday, defeating the Schroeder team on the latter’s diamond. It was a good game due to lack of practice. The score was 7 to 1 until the last of the ninth inning when the losers drove in 3 runs, on of these a home run by Hirsch.   The Schroeder lineup included D. Schroeder, Galles, Hirsch, V. Schroeder, M. Gengler, Loutsch, R. Schroeder, Sherlock, Singer, P Parks.  The line up for Whiskey Slough includes R. Bunkers, R. Lauters, L. Rosburg, A. Gengler, E. Felts, T. Johnson, N. Feller, C. Colling, R. Colling.   – Remsen Bell-Enterprise, Thursday, May 3, 1934, page 2

1934:  A dam across Whiskey slough at Remsen is planned by Gerald Homan.  -  Le Mars Globe Post, April 26, 1934, page 1

1940:  Strikes and Spares [Bowling]… Granville Boosters anchored by Pop Rennier beat the Whiskey Slough boys enough the last game to win total pins.  Remsen Bell-Enterprise,  Thursday, January 11, 1940, page 2

1952:  Mrs. Marie Baldwin took Mrs. Albert Lundgren for a drive on her birthday and visited the place where she and her brother, Walt Baldwin were born on a farm on Whiskey Slough southeast of Remsen. - Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Aug 1, 1952,  page 6


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