Seney, Iowa, History "in the old news"

Decade of 1950-1959


LeMars Globe-Post
February 15, 1951

Charles Davis, proprietor of the grocery store in Seney, told a Globe-Post reporter the other day that he purchased a set of carpenter tools.  He stated that he is able to do odd jobs of carpenter work now without wondering what he is going to use in the way of tools. Charlie is rumored to be quite handy with a hammer and saw.

LeMars Globe-Post
February 19, 1951

Coffee Aroma Filled Surrounding Atmosphere

A freight car loaded with twenty-two hundred cases of coffee which had a hotbox was side tracked in Seney about 2:30 Saturday morning.  Willie Olson, who is a section man for the Chicago Northwestern railroad, said that he saw flames shooting out of one wheel bearing about 5:30 a.m. and phoned the LeMars fired department.

The fire truck had to make two trips to the scene of the fire.  When they had used all their water supply the first trip was necessary to go back to LeMars and refill because there was no means of getting a new supply of water in Seney.  It was thought that if it wasn’t for that extra trip that the damage might not have been so bad.

The box car contained cartons of Butter Nut coffee.  When the damaged cartons were separated from the undamaged, it was estimated that two hundred cartons of coffee was completely ruined.

With the price of coffee the way it is, the dollar damage to the coffee will probably run close to five hundred dollars.

The damaged cartons of coffee were scattered along the railroad tracks.  A good many of them were picked up by spectators.  Most of it no doubt would be usable due to the damaged exterior of the packages, but which probably were just as good as new inside.

The burning car was about 125 feet from the elevator, but the elevator was in no danger.  A delightful smell of roasting coffee filled the air, but no ham and eggs.

The train which came from Omaha, Nebraska, was headed for Hopkins, Minnesota, where the carload of coffee was supposed to have been sent to the Red Owl chain stores.

LeMars Globe-Post
May 10, 1951

SENEY: (Seney Special)

The Seney young people enjoyed a formal May Day Banquet, Tuesday evening, May 1st, in the church parlors special entertainment was furnished by students from Westmar College. The meal was served by the mothers.

LeMars Globe-Post
May 17, 1951

SENEY: (Seney Special)

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Botsford called at the E. Cole home Sunday and helped enjoy the new arrangement of the rooms in their home. The Cole family had their home remodeled. They did most of the work themselves.

LeMars Globe-Post
May 24, 1951

SENEY: (Seney Special)

A large number of Seneyites attended the Stock Car Races at Sioux City Sunday night. They were as follows: Harold, Norman, Henry, Darrel and Leonard Berkenpas, Alma, Violet and Calmer Olson, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Olson, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Olson, Chas. Conner, Walt Erickson, Clarence Stephenson, Dale Cook and Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Zoerkink.

LeMars Globe-Post
July 4, 1951


The Seney W.S.C.S. will sponsor an ice-cream social on the church lawn, Friday evening, July 6, 7:00 p.m.

LeMars Globe-Post
July 12, 1951

SENEY: (Seney Special)
We certainly have been having a lot of high water. The water washed out the second bridge east of Seney, but the road commissioner had it repaired quickly and it was again passable.

The proprietor of the Seney Gas station is cementing the ground in front of the station to enable his customers to get in and out easier.

Family night was celebrated last Sunday evening. (The Seney W.S.C.S. had announced.)

A pot luck supper was served and a pantry shower was held for their new pastor and family after the program was given.

LeMars Globe-Post
Thursday, July 26, 1951

The wind storm last week did a lot of damage in Seney and vicinity.  There were 23 of the large pine trees uprooted or broken off in the grove south of Seney. 


TUESDAY, SEPT. 4, 1951

Serving Begins at 6:00 P. M.

$1.25 Per Plate

LeMars Globe-Post
September 13, 1951

SENEY:  (Seney Special)
Seney has been put on the map by having the streets all put up to grade and a number of culverts put in at some of the most necessary places.  Pete Wilhelmi of Struble did the work of grading.

LeMars Globe-Post
December 31, 1951

FOR SALE--Quality Duroc boars, right type and price. Floyd Becker, LeMars, Ia., 1/2 mile S.E. of Seney.

FOR SALE--Chester White Boars. We deliver. H. B. Wills and Sons. 3/4 mile east of Seney.

LeMars Globe-Post
January 21, 1952

I have recently purchased a feed grinder and will operate my business at fair prices.
Having had considerable experience in this line of work I can guarantee satisfactory results.
For Full Information Contact Charles (Chuck) Davis
Seney, Iowa  -----  Phone 39F20

LeMars Globe-Post
January 24, 1952

The Women of Seney Methodist Church Will Hold

LeMars Globe-Post
July 28, 1952

This Catfish Was Hooked At Seney

(photo included)

Fishing in the Floyd River south of Seney Tuesday, Carl Utecht, living at 31 Second Ave. N.W., hooked and landed this 28 1/2 inch catfish, which weighed 10 pounds. He used catfish bait of his own manufacture. The fish was held for the picture by Carl's brother, Orie Utecht. Photo by Bob Jones. Fish of this size have not been caught around LeMars for many years, but after continued ample water in the streams, they've been moving up and good catches, though not as good as this one are common.

LeMars Sentinel
June 10, 1953

~a news article about the flood

Al Engbers, chairman of the Red Cross survey committee, which included O. J. Chicoine, Orval Nielsen and Budd Duvall, went to Seney Tuesday to offer assistance to the Mitchell Zoerink and Humphrey Means families whose homes were ravaged.

Several of the committee stayed on the job until evening helping with the clean-up. The Red Cross chapter purchased an emergency food supply which was served at the Seney Methodist church. Cots and blankets loaned by Sacred Heart Hospital and Co. K were also available at the church.

Seney residents volunteered on the clean-up, helped get water and took care of emergency needs of the two families.

LeMars Globe-Post
November 5, 1953

FOR RENT--Small 5 room house in Seney. Ph. 13F12

LeMars Globe-Post
November 19, 1953


Mrs. Harry C. Mower of Seney suffered a badly burned right hand Wednesday morning when she tried to remove hot grease from a kitchen stove. As Mrs. Mower took the can from the stove, the grease burst into flames enveloping her right hand and causing second degree burns.

LeMars Globe-Post
January 11, 1954

FOR SALE--4 room house with acreage at Seney. LeMars phone 24F003. Roy McArthur

LeMars Globe-Post
May 20, 1954

**Reconstruction of the twice-wrecked bridge at Seney has now progressed to the point where the bridge looks normal again. This time it has been braced and cross-braced so that it can not possibly collapse again. The bridge first swept away in the big June 6 flood. About 6 weeks ago one span went into the water when the timber lying in some of the piling snapped. The defective timber had not shown up previously because the piling was frozen in the river bottom.

LeMars Globe-Post
May 31, 1954



William Conner to Humphrey E. Means. Lot 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, Blk 10, Seney. $1.00.

~partial story about a storm

Seney is about 3 1/2 miles north-northeast of LeMars, and here the gathering storm had a much more frightening aspect. The cloud had become inky black, and looked more tumultious than ever. "We took one look at it," said Charles Conner, operator of Conner's service station, "and everybody who had a storm cellar went down into it."

From Seney, or somewhere along a line between Seney and LeMars, came the funnel or funnels that swept through an area east of Seney and north of Oyens.

LeMars Globe-Post
July 22, 1954



Top Market Price


Calmer Olson, Mgr.

Highway 33 to Seney ----- Ph. 39F030

LeMars Globe-Post
November 4, 1954



William J. Reeves, a widower, to Gerald R. Reinders, Lots 10, 11, 12, and 13, Blk. 3, Seney. $25.

LeMars Globe-Post
November 11, 1954

FOR SALE--4 room basement house in Seney. Priced for quick sale. Harold J. Ruden, Realtor. LeMars, Iowa.

LeMars Globe-Post
January 10, 1955



Phone 39F030, Hiway 33 ----- J. L. Doud, Mgr, LeMars, Iowa


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