Seney, Iowa, History "in the old news"

Decade of 1920-1929


LeMars Sentinel, August 27, 1926

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Some time ago the correspondent read an article about various claims for
record gas stations in various cities of the state.  Sheldon seemed to hold
the record with one station for every 388 people.  Seney can decidedly go
Sheldon one better because we have three gas pumps with a boasted population of eighty-nine, or one pump for every thirty people.

LeMars Sentinel, Febr. 17, 1928

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

The roads in this vicinity have been bad owing to recent snow and warm
days.  As it is hard for cars to get through our young men have taken to
going on horse back or in buggies and while they may be somewhat a back number they are more sure to get through the mud.


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