Seney, Iowa, History "in the old news"

Decade of 1910-1919


LeMars Sentinel, Feb. 23, 1917

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

The hall is a very busy place and has been the center of attraction for
the last two weeks.  Much work as well as material is being donated and
an addition is being built on the east side for a stage.  The ceiling
has been kalsomined and the side walls are ready for a coat of varnish.

LeMars Sentinel, June 15, 1917

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Pine Grove grange will hold their next meeting in the hall Friday
evening, June 22. The following program will be given: Music, male
quartet, R.A.Hawkins, leader; reading, Sadie Alderson; recitation, Roy
McArthur; vocal duet, Dora and Mayme Falk; the Origin and Object of the Grange, Mrs. M. M. Kennedy; instrumental music, Moir boys; What a grange may and should do for its members and community, Rev. Watson; vocal soolo, Mrs. Anstine; reading, Dorothy Darville; instrumental solo, Amy Darville; The Young People and the Grange, Mrs. Jessie Kennedy; recitation, Henry Penning; music, male quartet. A new attraction will be launched at the next meeting to be in charge of Mabel Robbins and Lillian Utech. Come and learn what it is. Eleven new members were taken in at the last meeting.

LeMars Sentinel, Dec. 28, 1917

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Seney was exceptionally favored this Christmas when at an early hour a
large group of children accompanied by Miss Manz went from home to home singing beautiful Christmas carols.  As the children's clear voices rang out upon the air we were all made to realize that Christ had come and there was indeed "peace on earth, good will toward men."


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