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LeMars Globe-Post, December 19, 1929

CRAIG: (By Special Correspondent)

Again the season has arrived to receive all friendships and business
acquaintances. Such seem to be the spirit of our town. A beautiful lighted
Christmas tree adorns our most prominent intersection and the business men,
through the source of many lovely calendars and other seasonal gifts wish to
extend greetings to all. The writer cannot help but comment upon those put
out by the Personal Service Oil & Gas Co. and Craig Lumber Co. The gas
company sells a high grade of gasoline and motor oils, called the Red Hat.
So to express his season’s greetings, Mr. Green has for distribution a
cunning red hat of the type “our Uncle Sam wears” made of a plastic material
and can be used as a useful ornament to a man’s smoking table and many
ladies are placing them to many various uses. John Schmidt, our genial and
up to date president and manager of Craig Lumber Co., has given out a very
large and lovely calendar, a window scene highly tinseled and as a further
business advertisement gives pencils and a “memory saver.” Mr. Schmidt
states business has been good in 1929, several houses, barns and cribs and
much repair work being built. Prospects for 1930 are good. Our Farmers
Savings Bank, one of the most improved and safe banks of the county, have
issued a calendar upon which one may place the “plus and minus” from day to
day and monthly. Upon asking Mr. Renken what he thought of this 13 month
year, which some big concerns are planning upon using, he said he and his
able assistant, H. F. Ladwigs, were mighty busy with 12 months, without 13
shorter ones.

Druggist Snyder handles a complete and fresh line of drugs and Mrs. Snyder
serves the most delicious hot and cold lunches and pies like mother us to
make, only a wee bit better. The calendar they issue; one man said his wife
simply could not keep house or keep track of the neighbors without it.

Louis Eilers, our garage man, and A-No. 1 machinist, states he has had a
very prosperous year, having sold 19 Chevrolets and two Durants, and many
used cars. He repairs cars on short notice and is the official AAA station.
He, too, has a nice calendar.

The L and E Cash store have enjoyed a good business, being on a cash basis
they are able to sell a high grade merchandise at a low price and ‘tis here
where they cut you off a good juicy steak for any meal. All their meats are
kept under the most modern methods. They also furnish a substantial

The Oloff Store of general merchandising and a most complete line of
hardware, where your credit is as acceptable as your cash. Highest prices
paid for produce and on Saturdays many special bargains are evident,
together with every day prices which complete with any neighboring town.
Their calendar also falls in line.

The Craig Mercantile store’s calendar will be retained as a souvenir as this
business place is going out of business and will be missed for its up to
date stock of groceries and other stocks.

Sinkey and Fredericks issue two calendars. It appears as though one of them
might appeal to the younger generation. Mr. Fredericks, the man in charge,
is noted for his cordiality and prompt attention to business. They handle a
complete line of farm implements and hardware. One need not buy an Aladdin
over the radio as here is found a complete line suitable from the home to
the palatial residence.

We boast of another dealer in farm implements under the ownership of the
Riter Implement Co. The senior Mr. Riter is a pioneer in this business and
noted for his integrity and the many good buys he makes he passes on to his
different business concerns. They also handle harness and shoes and keep an
expert repair man, Ed Schuette, in charge.

Lyle Galland conducts a clean, pleasant and up to date barber shop where all
the latest styles in haircuts and barbering are to be found and where great
and small receive the same courteous and close attention.

Blacksmith Groenjes is capable of fixing any thing from an ice pick to an
aeroplane. If one of “them things” did drop down here.

We have a trucking concern who are ready to serve you night and day, either
Miller Bros. or Fred Johnson.

Our veterinary, Dr. Carter, is still a “freshman” in our town, being here a
few months, but has met with much success and will promptly attend to your
ailing animals.

The farmers are justly proud of their elevator which handles many thousands
of bushels of grain yearly, paying the highest prices, besides handling
flour and feeds and doing all kinds of grinding, under the able guidance of
Louis Husby.

Last but not least, our pool hall owned by Gerd Oltmanns, where many
pleasant games of cards and pool are played and tons (?) of candy and smokes

And of course, we have an up to the minute newspaper which enjoys a large
circulation. It is owned and edited by Frank Noahr, who is also postmaster.

All told Craig is a mighty pleasant place to live with its fine church, a
good school and homes. Each year many farmers retire and move here with
buying or building homes. This little town can be reached by good graveled
roads paroled daily by a highly efficient man, Ray Southwick. A Garden Club
is planned for next year to beautify the home and town generally.


Craig Mercantile Company -- historical news items gleaned from the LeMars newspapers

July 1922:  The K & K Mercantile Store in Craig has been sold to Miss Emma Pallutz, a former teacher in the Craig school.
Globe-Post, 04  Sep 1922:  Miss Emma Pallutz went to Omaha Monday to purchase stock for the Craig Mercantile Store.
Globe-Post, 18 Dec 1922: Miss Emma Pallutz was a Sioux City visitor Monday on business in connection with the Craig Mercantile Co.
April 1923: A fire occurred at the Craig Mercantile Co. store Monday. Several hundred dollars damage was done.
Globe-Post, 07 May 1923: Mrs. Herman Baack (formerly Miss Emma Pallutz) was at Omaha Wednesday purchasing dry goods and other stock for the Craig Mercantile store.
LeMars Sentinel, 05 Jun 1923: S. W. Edwards has purchased the corner lot on Main and Oak streets, adjoining the Craig Mercantile store on the east and will erect a business building one story high, with full basement, some time this summer. (This one tells the location of the Craig Mercantile store in Craig in 1923.)
Globe-Post, 13 Dec 1929:  (See below Closing Out Sale Ad from this issue of the newspaper)
Globe-Post, 19 Dec 1929: The Craig Mercantile store’s calendar will be retained as a souvenir as this business place is going out of business and will be missed for its up to date stock of groceries and other stocks.
Globe-Post, 23 May 1935: Craig is to have another store. Mrs. E. P. Baack has re-entered the business with a line of new and up to date groceries. Mrs. Baack had charge of the the Craig Mercantile store for a number of years.

LeMars Globe-Post, December 13, 1929