Adaville, Iowa

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Adaville Hayride Fun

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Oaks; Veta Stinton; Clarence Bristow; Myrtle Herman; Phoebe Chamberland; Laura Bristow; Ruth Brown; Ronald Brown; Viola Parker; Grant Brown; Alice Brown; Wesley Brown; Mary Brown; Charlie Brodie; Bertha Ott; George Taylor; Neva Stinton; Emery Lias; and French. ~these are the names printed on the back of the contributed by N. Yoder, rural LeMars.

Names will be linked to their respective obituaries as the obits are posted. It has been suggested that "French" is perhaps the dog. If you look closely at the far right back corner of the haywagon, it does appear that there is a dog's head peering over the top. Anyone having any obituaries of these people, feel free to email the county co-ordinator. Thanks!



Adaville--About 10 miles northwest of Merrill. Established May 31, 1889. Discontinued Aug. 31, 1904. Also had a small store at that time kept by Mr. Elijah Scott.

~Compiled by local historian and genealogist John Winterringer. Published in the LeMars Sentinel, June 29, 1995

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