LeMars, Iowa, November 1955

Telephone Company Directory




It is preferred that you call at our business office to arrange for the installation of telephone service. If this is not convenient, please telephone us and we shall be glad to furnish you with an application for service prepared for your signature.

If you wish telephone service discontinued or instruments moved from one location or address to another location or address, our business office should be notified by telephone or letter ten days in advance.

After the telephone has been placed at a location designated by the customer, the customer agrees not to move, alter or molest the instrument, wiring, protector, or any telephone equipment on the premises.


All Bills are due and payable at the business office upon presentation. Account unpaid after the final date authorized by the Telephone Company's established tariff is overdue and service is subject to suspension. A charge is made for reconnection when service has been suspended for non-payment.


Copies of our rules, regulations and rated schedules which are in effect at each exchange are on file at the local exchange office and may be examined by applying there.


Directories are furnished to customers to facilitate the use of telephone service and are the property of the Telephone Company. The Telephone Company shall hold liable anyone who defaces of mutilates the directory. Directories are to be surrendered to the Telephone Company upon request.

The Telephone Company assumes no liability whatever for damages arising from errors or omissions in the making up or printing of this directory. The utmost care is used, however, in listing all customers correctly.


In order to insure satisfactory telephone service, the Telephone Company may remove attachments to its equipment unless such attachment has been authorized by the Telephone Company. Devices which are claimed to eliminate noise, destroy germs, etc., usually interfere with the operation of the telephone, and our customers are asked to cooperate with us in not allowing unauthorized attachments to be made to telephone equipment.


From years of study and experience we have learned that the most satisfactory results in using the telephone are obtained when certain practices are followed. We are offering some of the results of our observations in order that you may get the best results from your telephone.

Secure the telephone number before making a call. If not listed, as the operator for it. Speak clearly and directly into the telephone, with lips close to the mouthpiece.

Answering your telephone promptly may prevent loss of a message.

When your conversation is completed, hang up the receiver and if at a magneto telephone give one short turn of the crank. This gives the operator the disconnect signal.

Keep the receiver on the hook when the telephone is not in use or your line will be out of order.


To make a long distance call, give the operator the name of the town you are calling, the telephone number, or the name and address of the residence or business firm being called, followed by your own telephone number.

The call will be Station-to-Station, if you will talk with anyone available at the called telephone except when that telephone is an extension or a department reached through a private switchboard. Charges begin when the called telephone or private switchboard is answered.

The call will be Person-to-Person if you specify a person or an extension or department reached through a private switchboard. Charges begin when you reach the person called or when the extension or department specified is reached.

Special rates for both Station-to-Station and Person-to-Person calls are in effect every night from 6 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. and all day Sunday. These rates are lower than corresponding week day rates on calls for distances of about 50 miles or more. The minimum reduced rate is 35 cents for Station-to-Station calls and in general 50 cents for Person-to-Person calls.


The customer has no property right in the telephone number assigned. The telephone number remains the property of the Telephone Company, and we reserve the right to make such telephone number changes as may be necessary in the conduct of our business.

Excerpt from the Telephone Directory for LeMars , Iowa , November 1955 .

Copyright 1955—Central Telephone Co., LaCrosse, Wisc.





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