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Akron Register-Tribune
December 13, 1906

All Efforts to Trace Body Have Failed.

Funeral preparations stand delayed and a weeping widow and anxious family
are almost distracted because of the body of William Wolfe, of Fort Dodge,
has been lost by the railroads in transit. Wolfe died in Oakland, Cal., over
a week ago. The body was shipped at once, but never arrived.

Railroad and express companies have tried in vain to trace it.

Once word was received that it was found and would arrive at a certain time. The hearse and funeral procession waited at the train, but it did not arrive, and since that time all trace of it has been lost.

The body was received by his brother Thursday, after having been lost in
transit by the railroads for two weeks, during all of which time it has been
constantly traveling. It had gone south through California and Old Mexico,
finally making a half circle and returning from the east. The corpse
traveled thousands of miles during the two weeks it was lost and touched a
dozen states.