These news articles feature the KLAVE surname. The research was done & submitted by their gggrandson, Randy Treadway.




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Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
Friday, August 24, 1923

Follows Father and Mother to grave within a week

Wednesday, August 15, Mrs. Henry Klave, living six miles south of Neptune, died at a local hospital. Her husband died on Sunday at the farm home and on Tuesday John Klave, eldest son of the family, died. The deaths of the father and son were due to virulent typhoid fever.

Florence, the youngest daughter of the family, is in a critical condition in an isolation ward at a local hospital suffering from the same mailignant disease. Three sons of the family are ill with typhyoid fever, Alexander Klave and ______ home farm, where two physicians are in attendance together with two nurses and it is problematic whether their recoveries are assured. One son, Henry Klave, was killed while serving in France during the World War.

John Klave was the eldest son of the family and was born and raised in this county, where the thirty years of his life were passed.

The funeral of the father and son was held on Wednesday afternoon. Rev. J. J. Vollmar, of Le Mars, and Rev. J. D. Meyer, of Christ church. Mammen, officiating and the interment made in the Grand township cemetery , where the mother was laid to rest a few days previously.

Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, 1923
Other members of Family still battling for life

Another member of the Klave family which has been devastated the past two weeks by the ravages of typhoid fever, succumbed on Wednesday to the disease. This is the fourth death in the family since August 15 and members of the family are still suffering from illness and are not out of danger.

The mother, Mrs. Henry Klave, died of Bright's disease at a local hospital here on August 15. The father Henry Klave, died at his farm, six miles south of Neptune, on August 19, and the eldest son, John died on August 21. He and his father were buried together.

Adolph Klave died on Wednesday from typhoid fever, after fighting the disease for some weeks. His death took place at the farm where two brothers are battling for life stricken with the same malady. A sister, Florence, a young woman, is in an isolation ward at a hospital here, as are three children of Fred Kalve, a brother, who resides in this city.

Adolph Klave was twenty-one years old in June. He had lived all his life in this county and helped his parents farm. He is survived by three brothers and three sisters, Fred, Otto and Klay Klave, Mrs. Gus Mai, and Florence Klave of this vicinity, and Mrs. John Parks, of Leeds.

The funeral services were held yesterday at Grant township cemetery, Rev. J. D. Meyer, officiating.

Contributor Note: - The other children of this family survived. My great grandma was Mary Margaret Parks. My grandma never saw her mother. She died in the Cherokee State Hospital in 1930. Grandma heard two stories, one her mother died of TB, and the other that she went crazy at my grandma's birth. Since she died at the age of 35, I almost believe the TB story, although the latter could be tied in with it. Henry Klave was born on 30 August 1853, in Germany the son of Wilhelmal (William) Kleve, and Johanna M. Sophia Rhinehardt-They are buried in the same cemetery, and his wife was Katherine Johnson born 30 June 1863, also in Germany, the daughter of Fred Johnson. Hope this will help someone.

Contributed by: Randy Treadway, his gggrandson.