This November 1909 news story features the surname, HERREN.

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LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Nov. 26, 1909

Will Heeren Gets a Bump on the Head in a Scrap.

“I’m going to die but I’ve had a good time” were the words used by Will
Heeren, of Grant township, as he sat on the steps of the Big Three store
Tuesday evening, with the blood gushing from a wound in his head. The
clerks in the store got Dr. Wild to attend to Heeren and the physician put a
couple of stitches in the scalp wound and applied some salve to an awful
bump Heeren had on the top of his head.

From stories told, it seems Heeren got in a scrap in a saloon with two men
and after some rag chewing and when things were quiet Heeren suddenly hit
one of the men knocking him down. The other man then fixed Heeren, bumping
him good and hard on the head with a hammer. Heeren went to police
headquarters and swore out warrants for the two men, but they had made a
getaway. Their names are not known to Heeren or the police. Heeren went
home after his head was fixed up but said he would be back the next day to
look for the handy man with the hammer.