Married in LeMars on Wednesday, November 24, 1909, by Congregational Church pastor.


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LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
November 30, 1909

Slumbers Were Rudely Disturbed by Visit of Police

Chas. A. Barker, of Ames, and Miss Margaret Dreyfersteyn, of Alton vicinity,
who were married, as briefly mention in the last issue of this paper, by
Rev. C. F. Fisher on Wednesday afternoon, had an experience the same evening
which is not generally down on the books of a honeymoon trip. An irate
brother-in-law of the bride, who objected to the marriage, interviewed the
sheriff in the afternoon before the wedding and wanted the pair arrested.
The sheriff declined to meddle in any affairs over which cupid is king
without a warrant. Later the brother-in-law swore out a warrant and it was
given to the night police.

The brother-in-law not knowing the couple were married secured a room next
to theirs at local hotel and awaited developments. The police went to the
room of the couple and after hammering at the door gained admittance and
requested the pair to dress and come to a Justice’s office. The groom
donning some clothes hurriedly went with the officer, that gallant official,
allowing the lady a longer time to make her toilet without his embarrassing
presence. At the Justice court, Mr. Barker triumphantly flashed his
marriage license on the surprised relative of the bride and the police
officers, and was allowed to return to the arms of his bride.