This Chicken Scrap story posted features the AMSLER and KARLEY surnames. Initial research was done by volunteer, V. Reeves.




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A*M*S*L*E*R and K*A*R*L*E*Y

LeMars Sentinel, Tuesday, August 27, 1896

Other People's Chickens.

Neighbor's poultry have been the cause of many a family row and
neighborhood jangle ever since the time the geese cackled at Rome.
Last Saturday Mrs. Amsler, who lives in the historic Third ward,
bought a rooster at a meat market. She cut off the head of the bird in
the alley. While she was decapitating the fowl with three hard blows in
about the same way that Mary Queen of Scots lost her head at an earlier
period of history, somebody told a neighbor, Mrs. Karley, that Mrs.
Amsler was killing one of her (Mrs. Karley's) chickens. Mrs. Karley did
not wait to ask any more questions; but went out into the enemy's
country at once and accused Mrs. Amsler of stealing her chickens. Then
and there followed a passage at the tongue's end that made the
atmosphere burn as these women hurled hot words at each other that
fairly sizzled as they flew through the air. Mrs. Amsler had Mrs.
Karley arrested for defamation of character and for using language that
was unbecoming the peace and dignity of the city of LeMars and
derogatory to the good morals of the public. The case came off before
Mayor Brown Tuesday afternoon. Frank Roseberry appeared for the city
and Pat Farrel appeared for Mrs. Karley. The evidence brought out the
language used in the controversy in the alley, but as it was hot enough
to melt the type in the hands of the printers, and the Sentinel does not
want to have any of its printers burn their hands the language will not
be recited in the paper.
The mayor fined Mrs. Karley fifteen dollars and suspended the fine
during good behavior.

LeMars Sentinel, Monday, August 31, 1896
Chapter 2 of the Chicken Scrape.

Mrs. Amsler was taken before the mayor Thursday on charge of using
language that was not proper for a back alley in her scrap with Mrs.
Karley about the rooster. Mrs. Amsler plead guilty.