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LeMars Sentinel, March 4, 1897

WESTFIELD: (Special Correspondence)

The gramophone entertainment at the school house will be Wednesday evening
instead of Thursday evening as heretofore noticed.

The annual meeting of the officers of the school district will be held next
Monday at the Ogden school house.

LeMars Sentinel, Monday, April 24, 1899

WESTFIELD: (Special Correspondence)
The spring term of school began last Monday with Mr. George Barber as teacher.

LeMars Sentinel
March 14, 1901

WESTFIELD: (Special Correspondence)
Miss Mitchell closed a five months' term of school Thursday.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, August 24, 1951

ADAVILLE:  (Special Correspondence)

Most of the school children will be returning to their desks next Monday when school starts in Westfield and Akron. Among the few country schools that will open are the Beaulieu school with Mrs. Knapp as teacher; Ruble school with Miss Laughton, teacher; Knapp school, with Mrs. Margaret Stampher, teacher; Lucken school, with Mrs. Coryla Andreesen, teacher.


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