Westfield, IA school -- PHOTOS

Can anyone help identify anyone in these wonderful photos? Thanks to Marilyn Meador for sharing both photos? Email the county coordinator, if you can share any identities. Thanks.


Westfield, IA, School photo -- 1930

1st & 2nd Grades

Left to right, by row:

Front row: John Gant, Armand Beaubien, Donald Harrington, Billy Gant, ________, Leonard Buryanek, Virgil Campbell.

 2nd row: Peron Swalley, John Beaubien, J.C. Harrington, Clyde Bryant, Charles Harrington, _________, Ralph Amundsen.

3rd row: Charles Faust, ________, Margaret Michael, LaVerne Krosch, Marietta Anderson, Catherine Mary Conway, Lola Mae Small, Roseann Masonholder, Gertrude Michael, Dorcas Knapp, ______ Baldwin, Annette _______.

4th row: Anna Mae Blum, Eleanor Rosenbaum, Lorraine Peck, Maie Andersen, Marjorie Heck, Martha McDugal, Catherine Rosenbaum, Harriet Swanson.

Teacher: Miss Jenkins


Westfield, IA, School Photo -- 1934





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