Dalton School -- early PHOTOS

Washington Twp

These photos taken 1921-1927, Teacher Beulah White Walker

Souvenir of many pleasant days spent together in 1922-23 with--Florence, Mildred and Robert Tindall, Your teacher, Beulah Mae White Dalton School

Dalton Public School

The above is a picture of one of Plymouth counties best rural schools.  The Dalton school was one of the four standardized schools to receive state aid last year.  Out of the $360 given to standardize schools in Plymouth County last year, the Dalton school received $110.  The money was used to purchase a large chair, several Victrola records and to build separate cloak rooms for the boys and girls in the school.  Much credit is due to the teacher, Mrs. W.  W. Walker, who has worked faithfully for four years with patrons and school officers to attain the desired goal.  Maps, globes, books and other required equipment was purchased in part by money earned by the school.  With the school board's assistance, the Dalton school has become one of the most modern and best equipped one-room schools in Plymouth County.  It is a one-teacher school with an enrollment of 25 pupils.

The State of Iowa gives $1,000,000 annually in appropriation to standardize schools.  Last year plan, the county received $360.  As one county out of 99, it should at least receive one ninety-ninth of the state's appropriation, approximately $1010.  There are several schools within the county which are striving to attain the requirements.

It is believed with a little more help on the part of the patrons and school officers in the county should next year be able to have twice its present number of standardized schools.
[Copy from the local newspaper—Beulah White Walker, teacher 1921-1927]

Beulah Mae White

The words on the pages were penned by the teacher, Beulah White Walker.

Teacher, Beulah Mae White Walker

Girl standing to the far right in the picture is Miss Mildred Tindall. She did become a rural school teacher. She taught in this very school, West LeMars, 1958-1961. (She became Mrs. Ralph Hunter.)



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