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LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
December 12, 1952

West LeMars School
Has Program Friday

A large crowd attended the school Christmas program Monday evening at the West LeMars school house.  Mrs. Edwin Borchers is the teacher of the West LeMars school.

The students presented a program of Christmas carols, recitations and short plays.  The class room was festive with Christmas decorations and a tree.

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus were both guests and after the program distributed the gifts.

A delicious lunch was served.

From January 1953, West LeMars School, Ruth Borchers, teacher 1952-1953

Handwritten note:  "Belongs to Mrs. Geo. Oetken"
   Mrs. Edwin Borchers, teacher of the Dalton (West Le Mars) school, brought her class to visit places of interest, including Wells Dairy, the overall factory, the fire department, and the cap factory. Naturally they also included The Globe-Post.
   Mothers who accompanied the group were Mrs. Fred Oltmanns, Mrs. Clarence Ludwigs, and Mrs. Glen Fulton.
   The names of the children are:
    Jerry  Beeck, Merlin Ludwigs, Howard Beeck, Lynette Fulton, Warren Oetken, Marlene Varenhorst, Geraldine Varenhorst, Timothy Weidauer, Marcene Ludwigs, Barbara Tindall, Barbara Oltmanns, Mildred Carstensen.
   Absent was Marlene Heeren.
    Glenda Fulton, 4, also came with the group.
    The trip was made on Friday, January 27.
    Globe-Post tours are varied to suit the interest of the visitors. In this case, the kids seem to get a lot of kick out of riding the electric paper jogger and the elevator, so this was included. They visited all three floors.
    They watched the setting of type on various machines, and saw how forms are made up, how sterotypes are handled, and ended up in the basement press-room to have their picture taken alongside the big press.



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