Washington No. 6 -- PHOTOS

Teacher: Leona Janssen, Washington Twp #6 -- 1946-1949.

Group photo includes the teacher, Leona Janssen-back row far right-with some of her pupils. This photo was taken at a birthday party. Miss Janssen was the teacher to several of her nieces.

Left to right:

First Row : Jane Gabel, Frances VanRoekel, Joyce VanRoekel, Ruth VanRoekel, Elwood Meister

Second Row : Donald Thoms

Third Row : Shirley Thoms, Mary Thoms, Marilyn Gabel, Jerry Thoms and Leona Janssen...later she became Mrs. Wm. Lancaster

Washington No 6, 1946-1947 (Teacher: Miss Leona Janssen)

Left to right:

First Row: Jerry Thoms, Donald Thoms, Herman Bremer

Second Row: Jane Gabel, Frances VanRoekel

Third Row: Shirley Thoms, Mary Thoms, Marilyn Gabel

Photos contributed by the teacher, Mrs. Leona (William) Lancaster, January 2007.

Washington No. 6

Teacher, Lillian Storz 1949-1951


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