Washington No. 6

School Daze Memories from former students, teachers, and records!



Washington No. 6 Pupils Names
Edna Manz, Teacher

~Source: Pupils’ names were taken from the oldest available records at the County Superintendent’s office—year 1972.

Eva Braband

Fred Harms

Jennie Braband

Helen Ewold

Ella Van Steenwigh

Millie Harms

Gilmore Lindsey

Mae Van Steenwigh

Blanche Brown

Bertha Harms

Elmer Braband

Maynard Thoms

Wilma Pecks

Cecil Kennedy

Florence Brown

Maynard Braband

Alloys Lindsey

Glenn Brown

Lorna Braband

Hilton Pecks

Mathilda Ewold

James Kennedy

Ray Brown

Ruth Braband

Pearl Harms



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