Washington No 5

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LeMars Sentinel, March 18, 1910

WASHINGTON: (Special Correspondence)
Miss May Johnson commenced the spring term of the Dist. No. 5 school Monday.

LeMars Globe-Post

Front Page
November 11, 1926


But Vacation is Short Lived-School To Be Held in Private House In Washington

When the pupils of district No. 5. Washington twp. got up Sunday morning
they heard the cheering news that their school house had burned down early
in the morning, the fire having started by an unknown cause. The
schoolhouse and contents were a total loss.

No one saw the fire except a farm hand on a nearby farm. He got up about 5
o'clock and noticed the glowing embers. Going over there he saw that there
was no use in spreading an alarm.

District No. 5 had good luck with its insurance. A few months ago when A.
F. Kilker was elected secretary he noticed there was no insurance, so he
went and asked for the board's permission to take out $500 on the building
and $150 on the contents, which is now practically pure velvet.

A new school house will be built as soon as possible.

In the meantime school will be held in the Henry Harms home.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
December 12, 1952


A Christmas program will be given at the Washington No. 5 school taught by Mrs. Harold Meyer, beginning at 8 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 16.  A free lunch will be served after the show to which an admission charge will be made of 45 and 10 cents. 


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