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LeMars Sentinel, December 30, 1884

The public school of Neptune under the excellent management of Will
Kennedy, has an attendance of thirty pupils.

LeMars Sentinel, March 18, 1897

Neptune: (Special Correspondence)

There was a little scrap at the Welsh school house last Wednesday night
between John Crowles and Jack Heenan.

LeMars Sentinel, December 13, 1897

STANTON: (Special Correspondence)

The schools of the township are being taught by the following named teachers
this winter: District No. 1 by Eva Alfred; No. 2, L. L. Hatch; No. 3, Mrs.
May Leekley; No. 4, Mattie Koenig; No. 5, Willetta Crawford; No. 7, Jessie
McElhaney; No. 8, F. Marouseck.

LeMars Sentinel
March 22, 1900
STANTON:  (Special Correspondence)
The school board of Stanton township met at the Gosting school house at
1 p.m. on Monday last.  They organized by electing Henry Schrooten president; made arrangements for seven and one half months' school for the entire school year; made the teacher's wages $30.00 for first class teachers and $28.00 for second class teachers, also levied $40 in the contingent fund and $1550 in the teacher's fund.  Selected the following
District No. 1, Eva Alfred
District No. 2, Mary Hopkins
District No. 3, Emma Messelhiser
District No. 4, Geo. Knapp
District No. 5, Harry Briggs
District No. 6, Mary Campbell
District No. 7, Katie Sullivan
District No. 8, Minnie Bixby
District No. 9, Minnie Koenig
Henry Frome was made a committee to put a new roof on the school house in No. 3.  There is a balance of $539 on hand.

Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
Friday, May 7, 1920

Attended School in Cottonwood Shed in Stanton Township

Just fifty years ago this month John Walsh, of Stanton township, now
living at 404 West Sixth street, landed in Plymouth county. At the time he
came to this county he was a boy of 8 yeas old and went to school in the
summer of 1870 in a cottonwood shed that the township dads bought and fixed
up for a schoolhouse. Mrs. Elvira Everett was the teacher that term. The
sides and floors of the building were full of cracks and Mr. Walsh recalls
that when any of the boys went out they had the habit of jabbing the boys on
the back seats with a brad fastened to the end of stick. When the floor was
taken up afterwards about half a bushel of slate pencils were found

Mrs. Walsh remembers his first visit to the Gateway on the Fourth of
July, 1870. It was a beautiful day and the homesteaders for miles around
came to the new town to celebrate and see the first train go through from
Fort Dodge to Sioux City. The celebration came off all right, but the train
failed to come.

Mr. Walsh can relate many interesting incidents of early days, when, in
the words of the Hoosier poet, "everybody was so happy and so poor."

LeMars Globe-Post, March 19, 1934

WESTERN STANTON: (By Special Correspondent)

Election of directors took place Monday morning in the various districts.
Ben Brandstetter was re-elected in district No. 4, and Ray Berner was
re-elected in district No. 3.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Nov. 9, 1951



The rural teachers in this vicinity met in Stanton school No. 3, Oct. 25, to organize a teacher's club. Eleven teachers were present and elected the following officers: Mrs. Allan Ruedy, president; Miss Lillian Gabel, vice president; Mrs. Muriel Echert, secretary.

Following the meeting refreshments were served by Mrs. A. Ruedy and Mrs. Eugene Brown. The teachers plan to meet on the last Thursday of each month to discuss items of interest to the rural teachers and extend an invitation to other rural teachers to join the club.

LeMars Globe-Post
January 26, 1953

The Rural Teacher’s Club will meet on Thursday evening, January 29, at 7:30 at Stanton school No. 3.  An especially instructive program has been prepared.  All rural teachers cordially invited.

LeMars Globe-Post
April 27, 1953

The regular monthly meeting of the Rural Teachers Club will be held Thursday evening, April 30, at Stanton No. 3 school.



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