Stanton Twp No. 5

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LeMars Sentinel, January 6, 1902

STANTON: (Special Correspondence)

Minnie Bixby, who contracted to teach the winter term of school in district
No. 5 has resigned after teaching one month. The cause assigned is that she
could not secure a boarding place near enough to the school house to suit
her convenience.

LeMars Sentinel
20 Nov 1908

By our Staff Correspondents and from Exchanges

CHURCHVILLE: (Special Correspondence)
The winter term of school in district number four commenced Monday with Miss Cassie Harvey as teacher

STANTON: (Special Correspondence)
Margaret Kennedy has commenced to teach the winter term of school in district No. 5 on Monday of this week.

LeMars Sentinel, February 4, 1913

STANTON: (Special Correspondence)

Some time ago Miss Hazel Parker, teacher in district No. 5, planned a play
and other literary exercises and the pupils have rehearsed on several
evenings and no doubt will render their part in a satisfactory manner. The
event will take place at the school house on Friday evening, February 7th.
Each lady will bring a basket with lunch for two to be sold at auction, the
proceeds of sale to be applied towards purchasing an organ for us in the
school house. Everybody is urged to be present and participate in the basket
sociable as well as to enjoy the fine program of the evening.



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