Stanton No. 4 -- PHOTOS


~written on the back of the above photo:

Stanton No. 4
Went to Tulip Festival at Orange City

Plymouth County
Stanton No. 4 school
Miss Irene Jones, Teacher

(Miss Jones later became the mother of the Plymouth County Coordinator, Linda Ewin Ziemann.)

Teacher, Irene Jones (at left), guest of Miss Jones at right.

List of students penned by the teacher. The teacher listed them according to grades. Unfortunately the pictures are not labeled with who is who.

Evelyn Dirks, 7th
Joyce Reelfs, 6th
Dale Hanke, 6th
Marilyn Knapp, 6th
Mildred Meister, 6th
Verjean Wetrosky, 5th
Donald Dirks, 5th
Doris Dirks, 5th
Maynard Johnson, 4th
Evan Knapp, 3rd
Ina Johnson, 2nd
Lorna Johnson, 1st
Darrell Wiener, 1st
Darrel D. Schultz, pri.

"Barbara Renach came later"…(the teacher noted.)

Stanton No. 4 playground merry-go-round. The two young ladies are guests of Miss Jones, the teacher. These two young ladies are not students in the class.



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