Stanton No. 4

School Daze Memories from former students and teachers!



Stanton No. 4 Pupils Names
Minnie Koenig, Teacher

~Source: Pupils’ names were taken from the oldest available records at the County Superintendent’s office—year 1972.

Willie Brandstetter

Tena Brandstetter

Ella Huebsch

George Huebsch

Chalres Schultz

Fred Schultz

Carrie Schultz

Lucy Schultz

Harry Koenig

Nick Starzl

Bart Starzl

Lydia Kuehn

Louisa Lippke

Lena Lippke

Will Mengedoht

Lillie Dobbert

Annie Lippke

Laura Brandstetter

Frank Kuehn

Willie Kuehn

Willis Schultz

Clinton Smith

Bennie Brandstetter

Sallie Feuerhelm

Tina Marks

George Schultz

Carl Lippke

Elsie Kuehn

Elsie Brandstetter

Carrie Roder

Memories of Stanton No. 4

Mel Schultz shared a 5-year teacher book from Stanton No. 4. These are a couple of images scanned from the book that covers the year 1953-1954.

Each section should have:
1. title page
2. visitors' page
3. two pages of kids names (attendance)
4. two pages of text book names used
There are pages with the report card grades included classes for: Reading, Spelling, Arithmetic, Language, Geography, Health, History, Music, Drawing, Physicial Education, Science, Penmanship and Deportment.

Aug. 1953-May 1954

Teacher, Mrs. Marian Baker

Stanton # 4
Teacher: Mrs. Marian Baker
Pupil List:   
Jim Buckley – 7th grade
Gerald Kaiser – 7th grade
Ronald Miller – 6th grade
Wanda Mammen – 5th grade
Fanchon Martin – 5th grade
Esther Schultz – 5th grade
Connie Buckley – 5th grade
William Miller – 4t grade
Roger Schultz – 4th grade
Roland Kaiser – 4th grade
Rita Buckley – 3rd grade
Wayne Weidauer – 3rd grade
Harley Johnson – 2nd grade
Dennis Kaiser – 2nd grade
Beverly Schultz – 2nd grade
Andrew Schultz – 2nd grade
Ronald Buckley – 1st grade
Allen Schultz – 1st grade

Stanton # 4
Teacher: Mrs. Marian Baker
Same as previous year except add:
Katherine Weidauer – 1st grade
Melvin Schultz – 1st grade

Stanton # 4
Teacher: Mrs. Marian Baker
Same as previous year except add:
Robert Peters – 4th grade
Susann Weidauer – 1st grade

Stanton # 4
Teacher: Mrs. Marian Baker
Same as previous year except add:
Leland Schultz – 1st grade
Dianne Hanke – 1st grade
Allan Ott – 1st grade

Stanton # 4
Teacher: Mrs. Marian Baker
The same as previous year, except add:
Cynthia Lang – 1st grade
Naomi Schultz – 1st grade
Pamela Miller – 1st grade
Kathleen Fischer – 1st grade
Charlotte Peters – 1st grade
Michael Hanke – 1st grade
Lance Schultz – 1st grade

Books Used in Stanton # 4 – 1953-1958
Miss Ritter’s Seatwork Pads
We Look and See
We Come and Go
We Work and Play,
We Talk, Spell, Write
Numbers We See

First Grade

Guess Who
Fun With Dick and Jane
Day In and Day Out
Our New Friends
Round About
Ritter-Phonics Pad
Social Science
Jolly Numbers Primer
We Talk, Write and Spell
Kittle’s Penmanship
We Read Pictures
Before We Read

Second Grade
I Know a Secret
Friends and Neighbors
Friendly Village
Friendly Stories
Making New Friends
Jolly Numbers II
Kittle’s Penmanship II
Spelling We Use II
Phonics We Use
Social Science
Puzzle Pages
Third Grade
Along the Way
Streets and Roads
If I Were Going
Make and Believe
Living Arithmetic III
English III
Centerville, Your Town and Mine
Phonics Pad
Phonics We Use
People and Places

Fourth Grade
Girl Next Door
Safety Every Day
More Adventures
Times and Places
Singing Wheels
Geography of Many Lands
Social Science
Indian and Pioneer Units

Fifth Grade
You and Others
Doing Your Best for Health
Building Good Health
Following New Trails
Days and Deeds  

Sixth Grade
Reaching Your Goals
You and Others
Following New Trails

~transcribed by Linda Mohning for posting on this website  




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