Stanton Twp No. 3

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LeMars Sentinel
January 6, 1898


The scholars of school No. 3 in Stanton township gave a pleasing
entertainment last Friday evening and the affair reflected the greatest
credit on themselves and their teacher, Mrs. Jos. Leekley. Many friends of
the pupils were present on that occasion and a few from LeMars also enjoyed
the evening. The following was the program:


Oriental Play

I. Opening address

II. Oriental Song

III. Countries, Represented

(a) China, Elsie Leekley

(b) Japan, Anna Donovan

(c) Java, Susie Kandyba

(d) Hindoostan, Lizzie Kandyba

"St. Nick" ....Martin Welter

"The Fox and Crow"....Mamie Kandyba

"What Became Of a Lie"....Josie Kandyba

Sleighing Song

Play - "Froggies"

"A Modern Belle"....Lizzie Kandyba

"Nobody's Child"

Pantomine: ---"Cinderella's Slipper"

Song....Ethel Patterson

"Little Nut Folks"....Susie Kandyba

"Joys of a Millionare"....By two ladies from Arkansas

Song....Elsie Leekley

"Little Blue Beard"....Susie Kandyba

"Gone With a Handsomer Man"....John Welters

"Fashionable Follies"....Elsie Leekley, Lizzie Kandyba

Recitation....Lulu Leekley

German Song....Miss Leekley

Tableau: -- "Maude Miller"

Prophesy....Aurora Leekley

Charade in two acts: -- "A Common Noun of Three Syllables" (Men-di-cant)

Boat Song

"The Photographer"

May Pole Dance

"Evening Bells"

LeMars Sentinel
January 23, 1899
STANTON:  (Special Correspondence)
There was a school entertainment held in the school house in district No. 3 on Friday evening consisting of dialogues, recitations and music by the pupils.  They all played their part well, showing the skill and patience displayed by their teacher, Miss Alice Tovey, in instructing them.  The house was filled to its utmost capacity.  The best of order prevailed.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and all wished that another such entertainment would follow before long.

LeMars Globe-Post , March 14, 1935
    Henry, Phyllis, Berneice and Harvey, children of Mr. and Mrs. ? Smith, who
moved to Stanton to farm near Remsen, have entered school in district No. 3.

LeMars Globe-Post
January 26, 1953

The Rural Teacher’s Club will meet on Thursday evening, January 29, at 7:30 at Stanton school No. 3.  An especially instructive program has been prepared.  All rural teachers cordially invited.

LeMars Globe-Post
April 27, 1953

The regular monthly meeting of the Rural Teachers Club will be held Thursday evening, April 30, at Stanton No. 3 school.


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