Stanton No. 1 -- PHOTOS


Stanton No. 1, Photos taken by teacher, Saverna Langel 1943-1949. She became Saverna Albers and taught one more year, 1949-1950.

~another photo of a view of the school grounds below:

Stanton No. 1, Saverna Langel Albers, teacher.

"I taught six years at Stanton No. 1. We had a Christmas Play with pupils and volunteer parents. The Director was Web Kurth."


Below see the Winter Fun photo:

Miss Langel only identified the above photo as: "Kay Kipp & "



Above: Audra Kipp and Marvin Kowalke, pupils



Above: Monty J. Kurth and Myrna Dunn, pupils

~The above four student photos are of the Kindergarten Class


Above: Bedrick Kurth, Maggy Uhl and Mary Anthony ..attending Parents Day.

Above: Another Parents Day photo

Above: The School Parents Play: Al Kemp, Marie Kemp, Web Kurth, Belauh Kurth, Marvin Dunn, Rita Dunn, Lena Kipp

Above: Mark Kemp, Anna Mae Kipp, Eugene Kipp, Darwin Peterson, Milford Peterson

Above: Stanton students all bundled up for the Winter.

Anna Mae Kipp, Darwin Peterson, Milford Peterson, Audra Kipp, Janice Kemp, Carol Ann Kurtz, Monty James Kurth, Myrna Dunn


Above: Stanton No. 1 students

Mark Kemp, Eugene Kipp, Anna Mae Kipp, Marvin Kowalke, Monty James Kurth, Myrna Dunn, Darwin Peterson, Milford Peterson, Junior Kowalke


Above: Jeanne Kurth, pupil

Above: Stanton No. 1 pupils--Saverna Langel teacher.

~The above photos were contributed by the daughter of Saverna Langel Albers, Kathy Klemme. "Thanks, Kathy, for sharing with all of us."

Stanton No. 1 Students - 1947

Front Row L to R: Jim Rolfes, Jeannie Kurth, Kay Kipp, Mary Frances Cain, Theresa Murphy.
Second Row: Kenny Wessling, Margaret Rolfes, Monty Kurth, Carol Dunn.
Third Row: Norma Rolfes, Audra Kipp, Carol Ann Kurtz, Myrna Dunn, Kay Parks.
Back Row: Dorothy Rolfes, John Baack, Mildred Peterson, Shirley Baack, Gene Kipp.
The teacher was Saverna Langel.

Stanton No. 1

Miss Jennie Levins, teacher


Dennis Wolf, student


Stanton No. 1 students.....Myrna and Toby Dunn.

~These girls were identified by John E. Baack. John emailed, "Toby was the younger one. I doubt Toby was her real name, but that is what we called her."

~All above photos submitted by Dennis Wolf




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