Stanton Twp No. 1

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LeMars Globe-Post, January 12, 1892

Stanton: Miss Agnes Tormey is teaching in sub-district No. 1 Stanton, and the patrons
of said school are highly pleased with her.

LeMars Sentinel, March 6, 1899, Page 4, Column 6:

     Stanton--Eva Alfred completed the winter term of school in sub-district No. 1 on Friday last.  She has taught the full school year in that district and has given good satisfaction.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
June 4, 1920

Number Of Schools Will Receive Bonus From State

Miss Mae Francis, state standardization inspector, who made an examination of all the Plymouth County rural schools, has reported the following to be up to the requirements:

Fredonia township, school No.  5; Ottillia Berner, teacher.

Grant township, school No. 8; Emma Dack, teacher.

Marion township, school No. 5; Irene Puetz, teacher (provisionally).

Meadow township,  school No. 5; Marcelinda Alesch, teacher.

Meadow township, school No. 6; Maria Soe, teacher.

Stanton township, school No. 1; Catherine H. Carel, teacher.

All of the schools whose teacher and equipment meet the standard qualifications, receive a bonus from the state, consisting of $6 per pupil in attendance. Half goes to the school and half to the teacher.



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