Stanton No. 1

School Daze Memories from former students, teachers, and records!


Stanton No. 1 Pupils Names
Winifred Kennedy, Teacher

~Source: Pupils’ names were taken from the oldest available records at the County Superintendent’s office—year 1972.

Kitty Carel

Thomas Carel

Willie Maxwell

Clara Banks

Edith Banks

Leona Thill

Lawrence Thill

Ralph Gergin

Susie Thill

Cecil Walsh

Eddie Bergin

Fern Maxwell

Anna Maxwell

Lillian Thill

Lucille Carel

Bert Carel

Ruth Dean

Marjorie Bates

Memories of Stanton # 1
by Dennis Wolf

            In the fall of 1950 I attended Stanton Township # 1 as a kindergarten student and stayed for first grade. In March of my first grade year my parents moved to Union Township where I attended Union Consolidated School and completed the first grade. I will list some of the memories that I have of that year and ½  that I spent at Stanton # 1.
            The Web Kurth family lived right north of the school and were the source of water that was brought each day by pail from the farmstead by the older students and poured into a ceramic crock with a spigot.
            Some of the family names that attended the school were: Dunn, Kurth, Robinson and Rolfes. There may have been other students that I don’t remember.
            The school was heated by a large coal furnace. During the heating season our mothers packed a raw potato wrapped in tin foil that we placed it in the furnace mid-morning, so we could have a baked potato with our sack lunch.
            The bathrooms were outdoor toilets, one for the boys and one for the girls. During the Halloween season they were favorite targets for the young men of the community to tip over as a prank.
            I remember the Xmas program and how wire was strung, and sheets were hung and the program was presented to a capacity crowd of family and neighbors. Every student was involved and was required to commit to memory, poems and music, which were presented as a part of the program. Lunch also followed with a visit from Santa Claus.
            During the course of the school year, the County Superintendent of Schools visited for a day. This was a very stressful time for the teacher and although she did not verbalize her anxiety I could feel her anxiety even as a kindergarten student.
            The Web Kurth family had a beautiful flock of Cheviot sheep that grazed across the road from the school. In the spring the new lambs were a special treat.
            Although we lived in section 23 of America Township and had to commute 4 miles south to attend school at Stanton # 1, when I asked my father why I went to school there he said that you could go wherever you wanted.  He also said, jokingly, that we had true open enrollment in 1950, long before the state legislature formalized the current policy.



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