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LeMars Sentinel, March 19, 1915

SIOUX: (Special Correspondence)

Both the debating and spelling gold medals were on exhibition at Sunnyside
Friday afternoon. The second debating medal will be the same design as the
first except in silver.

The midway entertainment given by the Sunnyside high school boys Saturday evening was a grand success with a lot of fun. About $30 was taken in for the benefit of the school.

The boys’ Midway drew a good crowd and some thirty dollars were gathered in
as a result of their efforts. The Kangaroo Court, shooting gallery, “nigger”
babies properly (or improperly) paired off, the animal show were the main
attractions aside from the eats which brought good prices.

In the last of the preliminary debates at Sunnyside Friday afternoon, Melvin
Kanago and Marie Kruse scored first and second. The list fro the semi-finals
now stands: Keith Knapp and Mabel Hunter against Francis Hancock and Lee
Struble; Vance Hunter and Ralph Hathaway against Melvin Kanago and Maries
Kruse. Lee Struble takes the place of Albert Burkett, who withdrew on
account of too heavy work.

LeMars Sentinel
LeMars, Plymouth County, Iowa
September 6, 1918

SIOUX: (Special Correspondence)

At the school meeting last week, the board decided to open a side school at Sunnyside to relieve the crowded conditions of the Ridge school, provided a teacher could be secured. We understand that Miss Robertson, of Morningside, will take the position and also assist Mrs. Wilson with the high school work.

LeMars Sentinel
Dated September 27, 1918

SIOUX (Special Correspondence)
On account of illness in her family, Miss Elsie Scheldrup was unable to fill the position vacant at Sunnyside and Miss Lottie Sweet, of Marcus, was engaged to take the place. Miss Sweet arrived Monday afternoon and began work Tuesday of this week.
Sioux Township, August 28, 1918. At a meeting of the school board the following was passed: That an assistant be employed to assist the teacher of the high school for a period of eight months and instruct such pupils below the ninth grade as the school board may direct to attend a side school to be held in one room the Sunnyside school house.
Sioux township, September 12, 1918. At a meeting of the school board, the following resolution was adopted: Whereas, a misunderstanding having arisen over the authority Mrs. Wilson should exercise over the high school and side school, the board orders that Mrs. Wilson shall be responsible for the division of school work and subject to the control of the board, dictate the work of each room." Copies from the report of the secretary, W.M. Pike.

LeMars Sentinel, May 30, 1919

Sioux: A program and basket social will be held at Sunnyside to mark the close
of school Friday evening, June 6.  As this is the Alpha and Omega of
Sunnyside doings this year, a good attendance is expected. 

Sunnyside is conforming to the early hour during the closing weeks of




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